February 19, 2020

OPINION: With Glee from P.M. Gonsalves SVG voted to sit at the UN Security Council


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By Jolly Green

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a little known multi-island state in the Eastern Caribbean, and located between Saint Lucia, Grenada, and Barbados. While the Grenadine Islands are excellent vacation locations with their lovely white sand beaches, ultra blue sea, and swaying coconut palms, the mother island of Saint Vincent is 98% black sand beaches with some very dangerous Atlantic dark waters on the rocky windward side. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a densely populated country for its size (over 300 inhabitants/km2) with approximately 109,643 inhabitants. Most outsiders would consider Saint Vincent a tiny community, somewhat with the population size of a village or very small town anywhere else.

The 73-year-old, Prime Minister of 17-18 years of the island state Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves is a known Marxist-Leninist. He has been accused and charged with rape, accused of sexual assault and many women have complained about him in allegations of sexual molestation or attempted rape. He has never appeared for such before a court in the country of which he has total, but total control. His relatives, family, and children are scattered nepotistically everywhere in governmental positions, including the UN. He has been accused of creating a family dynasty on many occasions. He has been accused of spite and malice towards some citizens. He has been accused of making SVG his plantation and the citizens his slaves. Some regard he and his eldest son as a rerun of Pappa and Baby Doc.

The States main income was bananas and farm produce of varying kinds, in the past the country was the world’s leading suppliers of arrowroot. Alas, all of that disappeared under the leadership of PM Gonsalves. The main source of government revenue today are taxes on imports and value-added tax. Under Gonsalves, the island experienced new taxes on necessities, such as salt and even sanitary napkins, and many other everyday necessitie items of human need. Gonsalves also brought with him the art of scrounging from other States large and small. He travels the world propositioning countries experiencing bad press and bad stead at the United Nations. Countries with appalling human rights backgrounds, and some who are candidates for the titles of rogue states. In return for financial payment to SVG, or investment, the payee nation can expect to be supported at the UN in any way possible, including voting in their favor, abstaining from voting when it helps, and having Vincentian diplomats talking in debates on their behalf and political support of them. Most would consider that an abuse of the United Nations system, and for one, I would agree that is so.

Gonsalves is a known liar, and he has told many throughout his rule as PM, in and out of parliament. He told the people “I sometimes tell lies” rather stupidly branding himself a self-confessed liar. Gonsalves has always been a close ally to Cuba and the Cuban communist system. He is a personal friend of Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela and the Castro’s of Cuba. All his political friends know him for his solidarity with all 21st Century Socialist rulers everywhere.

Currently, the Unity Labour Party government of SVG is under scrutiny for alleged vote rigging by a person or persons unknown. A matter is before the appeal court alleging ballot box and returns rigging.

PM Gonsalves took SVG into the membership of ALBA. ALBA or ALBA-TCP, formally the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America or the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty, is an intergovernmental organization based on the idea of the social, political and economic integration of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. ALBA is a collection of Marxist-Leninist leaders whose aim is to opt out of anything to do with the United States, in fact, a veraciously anti-US organization. Much of what the membership does in their own countries are undemocratic. ALBA, to name but a few supports and has links with Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China. The main players and inventors of ALBA are Cuba and Venezuela.

By now, you must be wondering why I am reminding you of all these facts, facts that have been well publicized and written about elsewhere, including the internet. Put anything written here along with Ralph Gonsalves name to see thousands of articles on each subject matter.

I want to inquire if the readers believe that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are a fit and proper country with the right credentials under the leadership of Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves to be selected as a member of the United Nations Security Council. Because they have just been elected to the Security Council for two years, can anyone believe that with the background to SVG and its government being among the most written about on the internet and appearing in newspapers more than any other Caribbean State, can be elevated to such a position?

The sole reason that Gonsalves ever wanted to be able to sit at the Security Council was to protect ALBA and its members from sanctions and accusations of wrongdoing, of their abuses of human rights, in some cases murder of their citizens, every one of them is guilty of some of the abuses, including SVG. Currently, his big concern is to protect Cuba from US sanctions and to support Maduro of Venezuela to stay in power, while in both countries the people have little food and lack of medical supplies. Gonsalves is supporting ALBA’s 21st Century Socialism, which in real terms is old fashioned communism — supporting the cause at the cost of the people.

I hope that this new position at the UN Security Council will not encourage more nasty countries, big and small, to donate to the SVG scrounge system, one of the countries main sources of revenue.

Wrong choice World of Nations, wrong choice!

Jolly Green,

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