September 29, 2020

OPINION: The Man who thinks he is GOD


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By Jolly Green

Vladimir [Rambo] Putin some may consider a false idol. A Russian with a nasty past, presenting an ugly future for the world.

He thinks he is and in Russia, he chooses who will work and who will not, who will get rich and who will stay poor, who will go to prison and who will stay free, who will live and who will die. Also, the world is faced with terrorism at the hands of Putin and under his linear direction and iron-fisted control, terrorism that does not end at the Russian border.

Riding stallions and fighting as a martial artist, sometimes shirtless, all to impress the Russian populace with the professional videos taken of his Rambo like behavior. These videos are shown everywhere in Russia, TV, cinemas, even sports bar TVs, wherever possible. Then with the ballots in every election being a massive fraud, more ballots counted than citizens voted. Some citizens unable to physically vote, some not registered when they arrive at the polling stations. Generally rigging of the voting process on a massive scale.

The one thing that so many of these men who wish to be dictators have, is charisma. Richard Tempest, a professor of Slavic languages and literature who’s made a study of political leadership styles said in 2015 that Putin sees Putin’s actions in keeping with his “cold” charisma, a form of leadership he shares with Napoleon. Tempest has written and taught extensively on both Putin and political leadership styles and taught a course on Putin and Napoleon for the university’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Cold charisma posits an emotional distance between the public figure and his or her audience. There is an element of menace in the cold charismatic’s self-presentation. Hollywood actors provide a useful point of reference for the different types of political charisma. In the case of Putin, think Daniel Craig as James Bond. Athletic, brutal and patriotic.

But I feel the excellent professor may well have misdescribed Putin’s charismatic behavior. Putin is loved because many love a rogue, there were even some followers who loved and admired Stalin. Like most of these new order dictators, many politicians respect him. Generally, by those that would also like to be dictators and become rich stealing their countries assets also. The evidence is many of them are already at the trough, eating their own peoples’ wealth at a fantastic pace. Many are already rich from undeclared sources.

This is the same Putin, who brazenly flouted international law by seizing Crimea, continues to wage war in eastern Ukraine, and has used the power of the Internet to sow confusion and chaos within Western democracies. None of this seems to bother his international fan club. If anything, his bad behavior, the presidentially ordered killings merely intensify their admiration.

The killing of journalists may be the most dramatic and frequently quoted “barometer of press freedom” in English “Barometers of Freedom,” Index on Censorship, Issue 1, 2008. But it is by no means the only measure.
Ref: Джон Кроуфут, “Барометры свободы”, Дайджест ФЗГ, 18 февраля 2008;

What it signifies for a particular country can only be adequately gauged in the broader context of press freedom and other liberties, present (or absent) in that society.
Ref: “How the index was drawn up,” 23 October 2002, Reporters without Borders”. Archived from the original on 2 October 2009.
Very few journalists have been killed in China.
Ref: “CPJ: Killed in China since 1992”.
No killings of journalists, it would seem, in North Korea.

Other shortcomings ensure those countries occupy a lower position than Russia on any index of press freedom. The violent deaths of journalists started in 1991–1999 and continued [ in an accelerated form] under Putin, president of Russia from 31 December 1999 to 7 May 2008.
Ref: Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, “Press freedom”, in Was passiert in Russland? F.A. Herbig: Munich, 2008 (4th edn.), pp. 81–98 (in German).

The yearly figures in the table shown at – Are derived from the “journalists in Russia” database, where details can be found on each death. Certain important [according to whom?] categories are not included. Those who have gone “missing” (14 persons);
Ref: “JOURNALISTS IN RUSSIA, An online database, “Those missing since 1993”.
Those who died in an incident (“not confirmed,” 28 persons), the nature of which has not been satisfactorily established; and journalists killed in work-related accidents (37 persons), [27] may be found online in the IFJ database.

If approximately three-quarters of journalists’ murders over the past 16 years were not related to their investigations and publications, however, the CJES considers that up to 70% of assaults, which annually run into the dozens, are work-related. Sometimes these are very serious. In November 2008, Mikhail Beketov, chief editor of the Khimkinskaya Pravda, a paper in a suburb, was beaten so severely that although he survived, and his paper even resumed limited publication, by early 2010 he had still not regained the power of speech or independent movement. He died in 2013.
It’s well known in Russia nothing happens without the direction or/and the orders of Rambo Putin.

January 1, 2016, a retired British High Court judge named Robert Owen published a 328-page report on the 2006 death in London of Alexander Litvinenko, a former agent of Russia’s Federal Security Service, the F.S.B. Nine years after Litvinenko went bald and wasted away in a London hospital bed. Poisoned with a rare radioactive isotope. Owen’s report found that there was “strong circumstantial evidence of Russian state responsibility” and that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the head of the F.S.B. likely sanctioned the murder.

MOSCOW — A prominent Russian political opposition activist, whose civic group this week released a film critical of an ally of President Vladimir V. Putin, has been hospitalized in Moscow after collapsing and losing consciousness on Tuesday from a mysterious illness.
The activist, Vladimir V. Kara-Murza, 33, is the federal coordinator of Open Russia, a civic organization founded by Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, a fierce critic of Mr. Putin. His political activism immediately raised suspicions of poisoning or other foul play, but so far there has been no confirmation of this from doctors or the Russian authorities.
Mr. Kara-Murza’s wife, Evegenia, said that he remained unconscious on Wednesday and was undergoing dialysis to treat acute renal failure, which doctors said was a result of “grave nonalcoholic intoxication.”
Ms. Kara-Murza, who lives with the couple’s three young children in the United States, said in a telephone interview that her husband had been in good health and that his family feared that he had been the victim a poisoning attack and that he might still be in danger.

I asked Google this question ‘how many people has Putin murdered’ the list will amaze you, try it for yourselves.

Russia, or should we say, Putin, is creeping cancer in such countries as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the ALBA membership, North Korea, Eastern Europe, all the Caribbean Island states, the Middle East, Africa. They are doing the Putin Pollution Shuffle everywhere that he can introduce his puppet-like control. Where he cannot control, like the developed countries, he sends operatives to kill anyone who opposes Russian, or in particular Putin’s rule and control. Evidence of this was: On 4 March 2018, Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence services, and his daughter Yulia Skripal were mercilessly poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234. Putin’s agents have been identified and tracked on CCTV and camera’s. Much of Russia’s dirty behavior is attributed directly to Putin, said now to be the, richest man in the world after stealing Russia’s finances and emerging industries assets after the countries return to capitalism.

Official Kremlin figures show that Putin earned $302,000 last year as a presidential salary. Yet from being a KGB officer on a comparatively small salary in the 1980’s/1990’s he is now perhaps the wealthiest man in the world. If not the richest certainly at least the worlds fifth richest billionaire. He owns castles and superyachts, super luxury houses, even one in Spain. So where and how did he accumulate somewhere in the range of 100 Billion dollars? The handful that knows stay quiet and are allowed to dip their hands in the cookie jar as a reward. If they fail to keep quiet, they join the others locked behind bars, or worse still, dead.

When you compare Putin with Rambo, remember Putin wears special elevating shoes, stacked by 2 inches, because although he wants to be Rambo, he is, in fact, a little person in height but a monster nevertheless.

Beware; because he now owns Syria [almost freehold] and is currently trying to own the Caribbean, he has taken control of Venezuela and is working on the ALBA membership. Even little island states such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are being gathered under his control. There are ten ALBA member countries, according to Putin seven are to get Russian military bases, and Russian air force aircraft will be based at their airports. Most Caribbean leaders will sell their mothers for a million dollars in an old bag and a few scholarships in Moscow to satisfy the people [the ignorant people].

Jolly Green, blowing the bugle of freedom.


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