February 23, 2020

OPINION: The Caribbean is about to be lost to the Russians and Commies


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By Jolly Green

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (IMAGE supplied)

Russia has recently renewed its vows to give more support to Cuba in various fields, supposedly to shield the communist-led island nation against U.S. sanctions.

But their avowed help goes beyond ‘various fields’ which are typically commercial matters such as tourism and trade, to include defense. They want to renew their use of Cuba as a military base in the back-yard of the United States, and because of Donald Trump’s quest for a Nobel Peace Prize award that may just happen.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met Thursday 24 July 2019 in Havana with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla during a trip there. Russia is seeking to further develop Cold War-era relations in the face of a hard-line administration in Washington. The top Russian diplomat criticized President Donald Trump’s decision in April to impose new trade restrictions on Cuba, actions he dismissed as “unacceptable” and “unlawful economic coercion.” Of course, what the Russians want to protest about is economic restrictions by the Americans against themselves. Russia is hurting with US and EU sanctions in place against them naming their aggression in the Crimea which they annexed, and hence the reason for sanctions.

Russia, under Putin, is proving to be a dirty state. They are involving themselves internationally worldwide in politics and encouraging militarism of every nation they get their hooks into. That encouragement includes selling missile defense systems on special payment plan terms. We must expect to the S-400s air defense system to arrive in Cuba to defend the new Russian base there

There is a great danger of the Russians once again funding Cuba to act as their nominee, as their front man, in converting the whole of the Americas and the Caribbean into a pseudo-Cuban dominion while the Russians are the hidden freeholders.

Lavrov, further declared, “We shall fully support Cuba’s people not only politically, not only morally, not only using developing military-technical cooperation but also through encouraging trade and economic projects to help the country’s economy become more resistant to all kinds of external threats.”

If we once more take away misleading rhetoric in that statement it is quite obvious this is all about the militarism of the USA’s back yard. What the Cubans can offer in return for help is obvious, they have no oil or great amounts of minerals or metals. The only thing they can offer is a facility right up close to the US, a prospective Russian attack point.

Lavrov went on to say, “I hope that we will succeed, today, we talked about this in detail. The economic departments of our two countries are constantly working on this.”

Havana’s ties with Moscow has in the past directly affected its troubled relations with Washington. The 1952 Cuban Revolution that overthrew Washington-backed President Fulgencio Batista and brought to power Fidel Castro saw local industries nationalized en masse, angering the U.S., which ultimately enacted a comprehensive economic embargo on the country just 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

A series of alleged sonic attacks said to have targeted U.S. diplomats in Havana has yet to be explained, though an academic study released suggested they had brain-altering effects on diplomatic staff.

Peter Binose of SVG wrote about microwave weapons in 2014. Following which news forums around the World wrote their own stories lifting some of his information as their own from the Binose theory, as it went internationally viral.


I also wrote about it when this matter arose again in 2018


In April, the US administration rolled out a new set of sanctions to further prevent the flow of U.S. capital to Cuba due to its support for Venezuela. But the sanctions are just not enough, the removal of the Cuban puppet in Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, is of utmost importance. They have to turn off Cuba’s supply of oil.

There is word out that the Russians are talking about installing the S-400 system in Venezuela on a lease basis. They cannot say no because with interest they owe the Russians as much as ten million US dollars. Putin knows they will get paid because they are storing and handling much of Venezuela’s gold now. So between the Russians having the first call on Venezuela’s crude oil and gold. China looking for loan repayments. Iran is mining uranium in Venezuela and has the first call on Venezuelan and Bolivian uranium. With Cuba freeloading by supplying a few medical personnel in return for millions of US dollars worth of crude oil, and several small countries using Venezuelan money under the guise of PetroCarib [some leaders even stealing that money]. Venezuela stands no chance of recovery, and the Venezuelan people will continue to be driven from their country. All of this is cheered on by some of the ALBA member countries leaders such as Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves prime minister of Saint Vincent. People ask why Gonsalves would support such a man as Maduro and help exasperate the situation in Venezuela. The simple answer to that is, Gonsalves, and people like him are not supporting Maduro; they are supporting communism. They know that if Maduro goes, so does communism, and capitalism will flow back into Venezuela within a very short time.

The USA is letting down democracy in the Caribbean and the Americas. Big talk by Trump makes an obvious magnet to comments like “like all bullies, plenty of mouth but when fronted backs down” I think it is worse than that. I believe Trump wants to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and by avoiding conflict at the cost of Venezuelans lives, he may just get that award.

Come on America you must do better, you are already losing your allies in India and Turkey to the Russians, but losing your backyard to them as well?

The danger posed by this Russian invasion, and it is an invasion, they will be based ninety miles from Miami, that far outweighs any threat you may conceive from not building the wall.

Jolly Green, still exposing the truth regardless of the consequence.


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  1. Don from Northern Canada says

    Jolly Folly Green (with envy).
    Where do you get your drugs that allow you to produce these fairy tales? You should be very careful.
    You know that if you repeat these fabrications often enough, you will begin to believe them.

    If America is so great, why has Quatar, shut down the USA’s Largest Air Force and Naval Base in the Middle East and THEN turned their support towards Iran? Why is Turkey leaving NATO and supporting Iran?
    There are several other countries deciding to leave NATO and do likewise. The USA’s Credibility is waning at an ever-increasing rate, regardless of your blatant lies, FOLLY green.
    Stick with the sinking ship,GREENY BOY, IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!

    Don D.

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