September 22, 2021

OPINION: Should Ralph Gonsalves be classified as a ‘Dangerous Virus’?

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By Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green, Friday, March 20, 2020

The Corona Virus, or as it is technically known COVID-19, is extremely dangerous and extremely contagious.

Before reading this, go on line and read this:

Wash your hands; the experts tell us, frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. It’s no wonder that they ask us to do that because what no one is telling us from the health organizations in the Caribbean is that Diarrhea and other digestive symptoms are the chief complaints in nearly half of coronavirus patients, as reported by Chinese researchers. 

The UN World Health Organization [WHO] says about 80% of people with Covid-19 recover without needing any specialist treatment. Only about one person in six becomes seriously ill “and develops difficulty breathing.”

Some patients with coronavirus have respiratory symptoms. Still, these findings from the early stages of the outbreak show that digestive problems are prevalent in almost all of the patients with COVID-19. The Diarrhea precedes most of the other symptoms, and the liquid stool is loaded with the virus, as is every other bodily secretion. Sneezing and coughing, they tell us they are the most likely ways its spread. But when people fail to use proper personal hygiene procedures, we are all at risk from everything we touch. Door-handles and levers, refrigerator door-handles, toilet flush-handles, handrails, in fact, just about anything that anyone touches.

Wash your hands with lashings of soap, and then apply the anti-bacterial gel to them. But the moment you touch something, anything, you need to repeat the process. You could well wash your hands and apply the gel hundreds of times a day. And touching your face after you have touched something leaves bacteria and viruses on your face. Then washing your hands and applying the gel cleanses your hands, but it’s still on your face. Touching your face again re-contaminates your hands, which forgetfully affects your eyes, your lips, and your nose. Most of the time, we are unaware we are doing that.

The virus can stay alive on surfaces to different degrees, depending on what they are made of. Apparently, on stainless steel, it can live for up to five days. Pillows and sheets should be regarded as biologically hazardous materials until they are washed in regular detergent with the addition of bleach added for good measure. If you are staying in a hotel, take your own pillow, or demand a brand new one from the management. 

Staff in hotels and restaurants should wear face masks and latex gloves; warning signs should be put up staff side, instructing the team not to touch their face or head, even with gloves on. One can get infected by contaminated hands or contaminated gloves. 

But best of all, restaurants should be closed for a period. It is best to stop all movement of people for a period. Because we do not want everyone to get ill at the same time, and remember medical staff and carers get sick as well. If everyone gets sick and many dies, all at the same time, it stands to reason the world will come to a standstill. Imagine, the doctors and nurses become ill, the undertakers become sick, the bus drivers and train drivers get sick, the workers in the food supply chain, hotel staff, supermarket workers, gas station attendant, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, all ill at the same time, it’s quite simply the end of the world as we know it.

That is why when politicians like Ralph Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines allows cruise ships to continue port calling and visiting the states islands, he is as bad as the virus itself. When he refuses to make restrictions to travelers entering the country by air and sea, he is as dangerous as the soiled unwashed hands of the world; he is as bad as the sneeze and cough of everyone. He is the Coronado, Crowned King of the coronavirus, corona is the Spanish word for Crown, and he is it. 

He needs to be working with the opposition; he needs to be telling them about what the problems are with his not acting immediately and precisely. Maybe they can make some useful suggestions.

One of the problems is, he cannot afford this Crown which has been forced upon him. He cannot afford to be Coronado, King of the corona. Because he never saved anything for a rainy day, and now it’s raining every day

We cannot afford the Corona Virus; but it’s non-cancellable. God sent it, and only by his grace can it be canceled. We cannot afford the King of Virus either; of course, Gonsalves can be withdrawn as Virus King at the next elections, the people have that choice. 

I don’t know if Gonsalves has tried the Obeah; he told us he works it for the Lord. But I feel that was only another lie from the stolen truth because I remember well when Ralph E Gonsalves told us a story, the crux of which was “show me a liar and I will show you a thief.”

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants have been told to close in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The British Government has also pledged to pay up to 80% of wages for those unable to work. Teachers will be asked to grade their pupils based on their own assessments after GCSE and A-level exams were cancelled.

Gonsalves not having the money to act has put us once more into the beggar class. We cannot follow suit of the British. We have had to beg for skilled contagion nurses, doctors, and medicines from Cuba. We have had to do that because we cannot afford to get them from elsewhere. 

What I have not told you is the truth about the equipment that we have not got. Every serious coronavirus case has respiratory problems, due to the onset of pneumonia; they need help from a machine to breathe. The older you are, the more likely that you will die without the respiratory apparatus. SVG has supposedly four of these machines, that is only hearsay on my part, they may have none. So a choice will be made who gets the device and who dies. 

The need to keep everyone apart and to stop visitors from coming to SVG is to try and break the virus cycle and stop everyone from getting ill at once.

That gives the scientists the time required to develop a new vaccine, which they are already well underway with, approaching human trial periods are required. We must provide them with a chance, and respect the need to try and slow the virus down, they have asked for that.

Virus Gonsalves wants to bring more people to SVG, not restrict the flow like everyone else.

He unlike other leaders is putting money before people, when he should be putting Vincentians before money.

The last frightening thing is how cheap a price Gonsalves puts on the lives of Vincentians. Here is the latest what he said yesterday. “We should not worry because the virus should not kill as many Vincentians, as died from the crime of homicide last year in SVG.”

Well, that was 28, so as long as the virus kills under that number in SVG it is perfectly OK. 

None of the preceding is written to frighten or cause panic. It is essential information that the Vincentian people need to form proper opinions, to have the real knowledge to do just that. It’s their lives, with their families to protect; they have to know the truth.

Comrade, remember this “If you’re not sure where you are going, you’re liable to end up someplace else.” –Robert F. Mager

Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green


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  1. When you singlehandedly rule over a bunch of people as dunce as most Vincentians doing what Ralph Gonsalves does is not at all difficult. Further the information that you have provided us here makes Larz, this 21 year old from Beverly Hills as dunce as his Vincentian counterparts.

    “California ‘influencer’ says he is in hospital with coronavirus just days after posting a video of himself licking a toilet bowl for a revolting TikTok challenge”.

    Poor we in SVG saddled with this moronic self-serving dictator Ralph Gonsalves in SVG. May God help us!

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