June 4, 2020

OPINION: PUTIN, Russia’s regret and the worlds greatest threat


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By Jolly Green

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Bill Browder’s book ‘Red Notice’ Just the excerpt gives an insight into Russian corruption and Putin’s involvement in charging protection money to every Russian oligarch, 50% of everything they earn. The author, Bill Browder, maybe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s No. 1 foe. For the past several years, the British-American investor has led an international campaign to expose deep corruption and human-rights abuses in Putin’s . Read the excerpt here.


I did not until perhaps now believe that the US President Donald Trump has been taken as an owned man by Putin. I worry that the old-style KGB blackmail tactics may be attempted, or are already in force. I hope that Trump has never done anything silly while on his early visits to Russia.

Then I came across this, which is a little worrying, but it’s there so I will tell you about it.

“Trump’s first visit to Soviet Moscow in 1987 looks, with hindsight, to be part of a pattern. The dossier by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele asserts that the Kremlin had been cultivating Trump for “at least five years” before his stunning victory in the 2016 US presidential election. This would take us back to around 2011 or 2012.”

“In fact, the Soviet Union was interested in him too, three decades earlier. The top level of the Soviet diplomatic service arranged his 1987 Moscow visit. With assistance from the KGB. It took place while Kryuchkov was seeking to improve the KGB’s operational techniques in one particular and sensitive area. The spy chief wanted KGB staff abroad to recruit more Americans.”


It must be asked was Donald Trump, a mark of Vladimir Putin, the KGB officer? Did he ever meet Putin in the earliest of days?

But now further to that, new news can be added. I must include the worst of worst news. It is now claimed that President Donald Trump had or still has loans with Germanies Deutsche Bank co-signed by Russian oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin.

“The source close to Deutsche Bank says that the co-signers of Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans are Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reported.

You can be sure fast-tracked impeachment hearings will occur this fall if the bombshell report is true.


If this is true and not more false news, it means that Putin has Trump’s balls in his hand and is controlling him. Because all the Russian oligarch’s businesses are 50% controlled by Putin, under such circumstances it may even be Putin’s money that is backing Trumps loan/s.

If it’s true, it will explain why Trump supports much of what Putin says, and why he wanted Russia back in the G7. His pro-Russia posture in Biarritz left former diplomats and national security experts baffled and sounding fresh alarms. Trump signaled his intent to advocate on Putin’s behalf before departing for the G7 summit, publicly reiterating his view that Russia should be reinstated to the gathering of the world’s leading industrialized economies. Other leaders, except for Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, vehemently objected to Trump’s demands.

Within days of his return to Washington, Trump made another move that seemed likely to please Putin: officials said the White House was considering blocking $250m in military assistance to Ukraine. That would put Trump at odds with the Pentagon, which designated the funds to help counter pro-Russian separatists backed by the Kremlin.

During Putin’s earlier era, Russia set its sights on what it considered three of the four premier European powers: Germany, France, and Italy. The Kremlin considers the United Kingdom the fourth main power, but London’s firm and traditional alliance with the United States have made it resistant to Russia’s overtures. The Kremlin saw Germany, France, and Italy as the countries holding the economic, political and military heft that, if unified within Western alliance structures, could oppose Russia in Europe. To forge partnerships with these countries, Putin built relationships with their rulers.

I also believe that many international leaders were brought to power and maintained in power by Russian interference in the election process on a massive scale internationally. Not just the US elections, we are talking Worldwide.

Those I believe to be under the actual control of Putin are many, but to name a few who I suspect of being caught in the Putin net of plenty is as follows.

Hugo Chavez d. [Venezuela], was most certainly the dirtiest politician ever in the South Americas, there have been other before him but not to the same extent of corruption. He bought via Putin six billion or more US dollars worth of Russian arms and weapons and put in hock Venezuela’s oil supply for many decades into the future to pay for them. The payback allowed Chavez’s bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to fill to overflowing. Some believe that Chavez got over 2 billion US dollars in bribes, which is reflected in the massive fortunes that the whole of his family members now hold.

Nicholas Maduro [Venezuela], was inherited by Putin, a chattel passed from Hugo Chavez. Maduro carried on the Chavez/Putin deal to his own benefit, while being jabbed in the ribs by the Cubans to do so.

The Castro brothers. [Cuba] Their interest has always been in keeping Cuba afloat while enriching themselves. They fought Russian wars in the Caribbean, Africa, and the Americas. The Russians had owned them for years.

ALBA, most if not all the country leaders of the membership of this Marxist Cuban and Venezuelan controlled organization are owned by Putin.

Angela Merkel, Putin is fluent in the German language, he has belittled Merkal on several occasions. She is certainly in danger from Putin’s influence. They are having one on one meeting’s in Germany to conclude a gas pipeline supply deal, from Russia to Germany, a massive deal involving billions.

Putin is traveling the World gathering a following of foreign leaders who he can entrap and control. Xi Jinping, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Narendra Modi, Viktor Orban, and Rodrigo Duterte, and numerous Africa leaders “Finding the weaknesses in the countries of these leaders and using it to promote his policies, and therefore have some control over them to the detriment of America. Selling these countries tools of aggression often used against their people, military hardware on easy payment terms.

All Putin’s actions are also designed for home consumption, to convince the Russian people that he Putin is a great man doing a great job in making Russia great again, which takes their minds off of his ultra massive personal wealth [$200 billion] and the making of Putin great, while perhaps actually making Russia weaker. Because if wealth is stolen from the system, it must affect the Russian economy, there must be less for the people, like having your purse stolen from your bag on payday. The oligarchs are paying Putin 50% of their profits, and that is therefore lost to the Russian tax system.

Having created a strong relationship with Berlin, Putin established a similar relationship with France’s then-President Jacques Chirac. France’s position is different from Germany’s in that France is not connected economically or politically with Russia. However, Paris understands the history of strong Berlin-Moscow ties and what those mean for all of Europe. France thus has an interest in making sure it is not left out when Russia and Germany meet. Previously the relationship between Chirac and Putin took this a step further.

At the beginning of their relationship, Putin and Chirac allied politically against the U.S.-led war in Iraq. This was important to Moscow because it undermined NATO’s unity on a critical issue. More important for Russia’s interests, Chirac lobbied against NATO’s expansion to include the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Baltics were admitted despite Chirac’s objections, and when the next NATO summit occurred — in Latvia — Chirac invited Putin to the meeting as his guest.

Putin was close friends with the French and German leaders, but he was like a brother to Italy’s then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. This relationship was more personal because Italy was not as strategic (or threatening) as the other two European powers. Putin and Berlusconi vacationed together, spent birthdays together, and bought each other expensive gifts. In 2011, when Berlusconi was on trial for sexual improprieties, Putin publically defended his friend, saying the allegations were “made out of envy.” The Putin-Berlusconi friendship led to relationships between Russian and Italian energy companies, banks and military-industrial projects. Most notable, Putin was able to use his relationship with Berlusconi to get Gazprom access to Italian state-linked energy giant ENI’s assets throughout North Africa, particularly in Libya.


Putin hates NATO because NATO is the one organization that can stop him from making Russia great again, which affects how much more he can steal. So much of his sneaky love affairs with European countries are really to try and control NATO through the leaders of those countries.

He is currently pushing Russia and his new-found personal supporters, the Chinese, and North Koreans towards aggression on many fronts, which could culminate in a world war.

His hate and fear of NATO and the NATO members. NATO was seen by him as a threat against his wealth and being able to continue for many years building the biggest personal asset pile ever know to man. It was a threat against his method of fooling the Russian people. So he used a divide and control method which involved selling arms and munitions to his chosen country leaders. He knows it works and has recently done credit term deals with Turkey, and India on the S 400 ballistic defense system knowing that in doing so it will eventually remove these countries from the NATO alliance and create the opportunity to install Russian military bases in places where they have never been before. He has done the same with Iran using nuclear energy as the great divider, selling technology to a country that cannot be trusted because of their aggression towards the US and every World State that is infidel controlled. And with China who has been sold the S 300 and S 400 ballistic defenses, fighter aircraft jets, and other specialized military equipment. An estimated 50,000 North Korean workers work in Russia, and the money they send back home is considered a crucial lifeline for the regime in Pyongyang.

What most of the buyers of Russian technology do not consider is that almost everything made in Russian has up to a 10% inherent failure rate. Of course, they do not care because they are getting the goods at giveaway prices, on credit terms, and some if not most have been bribed.

The real danger is that at some time soon, to keep the Russian people’s minds off his wealth, Putin will have to invent a Russian or Russian allies conflict with the USA. That time is rapidly approaching as the Russian people are currently protesting against him. The time for a smokescreen and something to make the Russian people look the other way is now. He has been clever enough to fool the Russian people up to now and must do something drastic to continue doing that. Remember this is a ruthless man who has orchestrated the murder of lots of people to be where he is today. He has a lot more to lose than anyone else in the World, his $200 billion wealth, and more importantly, his life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgDCRegyo7Q

In March 2018, during his annual address to Parliament, Putin boasted of new weaponry that would render NATO defenses “completely worthless,” including a low-flying nuclear-capable cruise missile with “unlimited” range and another one capable of traveling at hypersonic speed. His demonstration included video animation of attacks on the U.S., ratcheting up tensions with Washington, though American officials expressed doubt that Putin’s new weapons were operational.

Every step that Putin takes forward makes the USA take one step backward.

The British and the USA must get on top of what is happening and stay on top. A difficult task because Putin is so powerful and so well trained, there are few capable of asserting any control or limitations on what he is doing.

The next episode brings further information for the readers to form their own opinions.

Jolly Green, “wake up America before it’s too late.” More in this series coming soon.

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