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OPINION: Is Jomo Thomas in grave danger?

By Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green Late February 2020

The ULP have gone into top gear in an attempt silence Jomo Thomas. “If Jomo goes back to South Leaward the people will stone him on the platform.”

At the funeral of the assassinated Glen Jackson, press secretary and personal aide of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of SVG, the following song was sung. One must question the relevance of words of the chosen song. Not Glen’s choice, but Julian’s.

Glen Jackson had booked a studio for the following Monday at the T.V. station, telling friends he was going to expose something big about ULP and someone. Was he about to publicly leave the ULP family? Which we now know no one is allowed to do. Did that lead to his death? On the Saturday before his Monday studio appointment, he was shot by a person or persons unknown, stripped of his clothes, and his body was washed down and placed nude into his vehicle. Not just his body, even the car had been carefully cleaned inside to eliminate any forensic evidence. Who informed on Jackson about his Monday appointment, and who did they tell? Someone must have that information.

The politically motivated police, accused, and charged a little timid, frail gay boy of killing Jackson, he was one of Jacksons known close friends. Most people knew that one little boy could never have shot Jackson, stripped him of his clothes, washed the body, carried it outside into the street, and then placed Jackson’s body into his carefully sanitized car. That took a crew of people, certainly not less than two big strong men, even perhaps three or four. Yes, an assassination squad, not an incapable single little boy.

Francis Williams accused of killing the St. Vincent Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, Glen Jackson, was acquitted of murder charges against him. 

Francis Williams was reportedly charged, following the death of Mr. Jackson by a single gunshot to the chest in March 2006. 

Justice Bruce Lyle ruled that investigators had not followed the proper procedure and that a confession obtained by the police from Williams was inadmissible. 

High Court Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle ruled that the prosecution could not include as evidence an oral confession received from Williams during the course of the investigation.

Bruce-Lyle also ruled that the manner in which the alleged confession was obtained breached several chapters of the Police Act.

He noted that the police officers in the investigation failed to properly record the confession and said they had conducted an awful investigation.”

Peter Binose, with his in-depth research, who often saw into the future and who was able to work things out where others just thrashed around and came to no conclusions. Binose wrote the following.

Binose wrote, “rumors also say that shortly before his death, Jackson had a massive argument with one of the top ULP people. Did that happen? If it did, who did he have a falling out with? A top party member? A minister? A senator? Who? About what? Were Jacksons phone calls and emails recorded? If so, on whose instructions? ”

Now I do not have the intuition or insight that Binose had, but I think I can see some clear pointers that Jomo Thomas may be in great danger from the assassination squad. 

There have been what I believe are veiled threats to Jomo Thomas, talk of him being dead, politically. Talks of him being stoned if he appeared on a public or political platform.

Jomo may have made two moves conceived as deserving the death squad, deserving of being stoned. He left the ULP family, and he has been talking about what they have been doing, which he alleges are illegal.

Jomo, can I ask you a question? Do you think there is any link between Ralph Gonsalves stating he is here to complete the work of Maurice Bishop, and the alleged financial irregularities currently voiced by you?

This is part of Bishops well documented unfinished work –

“Comrade Maurice Bishop suggested that we use the Suriname and Cuban experience in keeping two sets of records in the banks for this purpose.”

Later in the same meeting –

“Comrades again highlighted the urgent importance of training Comrades to adjust the banking figures. Someone should be sent to Cuba or the Soviet Union.”

And again –

“The comrades from Nicaragua and Cuba must-visit Grenada to train Comrades in the re-adjustment of the books.”

Extracted from documents found by the U.S. forces when they invaded Grenada in 1983, stored on Micro Fiche in Maryland, USA. Available to the public. Originals returned to Grenada Public Records Office.

Jomo, you may be in grave danger, have you paid all your taxes up to date, are you a danger to anyone in the ULP hierarchy? Are you a danger to the ULP becoming the government at the next election. 

If the answer to all my questions is yes, I would ask you to carry on the excellent work and expose all you know.  

But in the real world, I recommend you pack your bags and run for your life.

I remember when Julian once spoke of releasing “the ULP dogs,” and now the use of words by leading politicians such as ‘stoning’ and “dead politically” may be seen by some of those dogs as a coded message to attack Jomo. Or perhaps much worse than that those words may incite violence against Jomo. Is the use of such terms a criminal act in themselves? Of course, in a healthy democratic society, the police would investigate such utterances, can we expect that in SVG? I doubt it very much.

Those that know Jomo Thomas will know he has the artfulness of a fox and the savagery of a ferret. Can we expect Jomo to continue his blitz on those that are seeking revenge against him, and to stand as an independent in the Comrades constituency? Or will he resurrect his party again and stand a whole lot of candidates in the ULP constituencies. 

Just take care Jomo, better care than Glen Jackson, Edgar Cruikshank, Peter Dennie, Cecil Boatswain, Mr. Joslyn ‘The Servant of the Lord’, Ewart “Ells” King, Edwardo Lynch.

There are now others; it needs updating.

I would not like to add your name to the list Jomo.


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