September 19, 2020

OPINION: Farrakhan talking rubbish!


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louis-farrakhan-740By Michael A Dingwall

It has proven very hard to make much sense of the speech (if one can call that a speech) that Dr. Louis Farrakhan made in recently. It is riddled with so many factual errors and outdated anti-white and anti-Jewish nonsense that it made the Nation of Islam look quite laughable.

Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of what he had to say is his very clear hatred of all things white and Jewish. He constantly blames the white and Jewish peoples as the cause of all of the black man’s problems. According to Farrakhan, the whites and Jews are the “enemy”. As a black man, I really did feel insulted as, according to this man, everything about us is because of the “enemy”.

He claims that the enemy pushed slavery on our ancestors because they were black. Farrakhan and people like him continue to believe the nonsense that slavery was “always” about race. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, for the better part of the slave trade, slavery was primarily about Farrakhan-665x385economics. Farrakhan forgot to tell his very captive audience that African kingdoms willingly entered into slave-supply arrangements with Europeans.

Farrakhan also forgot to tell his audience that many African kingdoms sent their diplomats, elites and other persons to Europe for diplomatic, educational and other reasons. If these “racist” Europeans hated black people so much, why did they tolerate these Africans amongst them? Farrakhan also claimed that all of the enemy’s wealth is as a result of slavery. This is simply not true.

His demand that even the Pope should pay reparations is a clear departure from logic and was an attempt to “play up” to the “burn the Pope” doctrine of the many Rastafarians who were present. His anti-Pope rhetoric was complete garbage!

MTE5NTU2MzE2MjE0NjI1ODAzWhat Farrakhan forgot to mention was the fact that had the Africans not willingly worked with the Europeans in regards to slavery, slavery was we know it would never had happened.

As for his Queen bashing, this is where I had a good laugh. I was born in the 1970s, and I cannot remember a single time when the anthem “God save the Queen” was song here – apart from when senior British leaders visit. However, the playing of the anthems of the leaders of countries who visit us is a courtesy that we extend to them. So Farrakhan’s chatter about the British anthem is clearly rubbish!

While I too would want to see us having our own indigenous head of state, Farrakhan’s claim that getting rid of the Queen would make us free is ridiculous. Removing the Queen will make absolutely no difference to us in anyway. I don’t even think she could find Jamaica on a map. Farrakhan is clearly out of touch with the Queen’s role in countries like ours.

e810285b1cb5d0679c64195f558f2813_MHis talk about our “slave master” education system was another joke. If it is true that our education system promotes “self-hate”, as Farrakhan claims, that isn’t an indictment on the “racist enemy” at all, but us! We have been independent now for over half a century and if we can’t get our education system to serve us, instead of the “enemy”, what then does this say of us Jamaicans? Farrakhan surely showed us how he can disguise his insult of us as blaming the enemy!

His talk about us still living off the enemy’s institutions was quite strange. His own Nation of Islam is completely dependent on the same enemy institutions that he was cursing. He has absolutely no intention of leaving the banks, schools, courts, hotels, clubs, technologies and the like, of American, his home. Why doesn’t Farrakhan “walk the walk” and take his Nation of Islam and himself back to Africa and away from the enemy’s institutions? Talk about biting one’s own feeding hand!

I was laughing hysterically when Farrakhan claimed that the Jewish claim that, according to the Torah, blacks are cursed though Noah’s son Ham is a tool used by the enemy to “hold us down”. The religious texts of “the enemy” also claimed that one man parted the Red Sea and another came back to life after three days. Outside of the walls of the enemy’s synagogues, mosques and churches, who really takes these claims seriously anyway?

You know, I had said that Farrakhan was a threat and should not have been allowed here. However, after hearing his “speech”, it is clear that he has proven himself to be less a threat and more a comedian. Like a lot of Jamaicans, I really did find his “speech” very funny indeed!

IMAGE: Dr. Louis Farrakhan

EDITOR: The views in this article are solely those of the writer Michael A Dingwall and are not of this publication iNews Cayman.

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Louis Farrakhan wants Caribbean countries to demand reparation for slavery from

From Caribbean360

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday October 20, 2014, CMC – The leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan is calling on Caribbean countries to demand reparation for slavery from the Roman Catholic Church in addition to Europe.

Farrakhan, who was addressing the 19th anniversary of the “Million Man” march here on Sunday, said the Roman Catholic Church must be included in any discussion on the issue of reparation.

“When you talk about reparation, you can’t leave the Pope out….There was something in the Catholic Church called the Papal Bulls authorising slavery, it is a type of letter issued or patent by the Pope,” Farrakhan told the ceremony that was also attended by government ministers.

He said Pope Nicholas V issued a Papal bull granting Portugal and Spain, “full and free permission to invade, search out and capture… and unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be and reduce their persons into perpetual slavery”.

Farrakhan said even in today’s world, this Papal Bull is being regarded as “an endorsement of slavery ….so when we are asking for reparation, we can’t leave the church out.

“You can’t leave the Pope out, nor can you leave European countries out,” he added”.

Last week, at the end of a two-day conference on reparations in Antigua, the chairperson of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Reparations Commission, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, said the movement has been energized and the Commission is working towards mounting a region-wide rally.

“We are going to organize, with the support of all of these national commissions, a regional rally in which we will move the reparations banner from the northern Caribbean, through to the centre, to the south, all the way through to Brazil,” Sir Hilary told reporters at the close of the Second Regional Conference on Reparations late Tuesday.

The renowned historian and Principal of the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), said such an event would engage the talents of artists, musicians and youth, while bringing regional and global attention to the matter.

As part of its mandate, the reparations commission seeks to establish reconciliation between victims and beneficiaries. It also seeks to achieve the Caribbean Reparatory Justice Programme 10-Point Action Plan that tackles various social, educational and economic issues including debt cancelation, public health, illiteracy eradication and psychological rehabilitation.


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Guyanese Muslim barred from entering Jamaica for Louis Farrakhan event

By Denis Scott Chabrol From Caribbean News Desk

A Guyanese Muslim, who was on his way to Jamaica to participate in Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan’s on Monday, said he was ordered off a flight in Antigua because authorities in Jamaica have refused him permission to land.

Gerald Perreira, who is the Chairman of the little known Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG), hinted that he would be lodging a complaint with the Guyana government and taking legal action against the Jamaican government. “We are going to move forward on this. We are going to take it step by step until it reaches the Caribbean Court of Justice because I’m a citizen of Caricom (Caribbean Community),” he told Caribbean News Desk. “It goes against the grain of the Treaty of Chaguaramas because as a Caricom national they cannot prevent me from travelling because where does this stop.”

He said when the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight landed at the VC Bird International Airport on Friday; an airline representative boarded the aircraft, went directly to him and asked him to disembark with his hand luggage.

Perreira is the second Caribbean national to have been denied entry to Jamaica for the Million Man March scheduled for October 20, the first having been Trinidad and Tobago’s former coup leader, Imam Abu Bakr. While one of Bakr’s wives and a son were eventually allowed entry, Jamaican authorities hired a private jet for US$36,000 to return him to Trinidad in the company of security officials.

The BCMG Chairman, who is harsh critic of Western Nations and a staunch advocate for independence and self-determination, accused the United States (US) of pressuring Jamaica to prevent certain persons from entering that Caribbean island. “I’m of the firm opinion that it is the US State Department that gave the Jamaicans directives and I am not saying that the Prime Minister of Jamaica is aware of it or unaware,” he said. He contended that the US was trying to prevent the emergence of mass-based Black movement in the Caribbean that would form ties with its American brothers and sisters.

Labeling many Caribbean politicians in and out of government as “yard fowl,” Perreira blamed them for being fearful to stand up to “White people” because they were fearful of losing their visas.

He believed that he was targeted because of his extensive writings against US foreign policy around the world including Washington’s alleged collaboration and arming of groups that are today wreaking havoc in Syria, Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Asked whether security fears were justifiable in light of the acts of Islamic groups around the world, Perreira said he has never advocated violence and extremist groups like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

Perreira said that he was part of a regional think-tank that has been set up to plan for the 19th anniversary of the Million Man March.

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Louis Farrakhan hosts million man march in Jamaica for the first time

From Inquisitr

The Million Man March organized by the Nation of Islam will be staged in Jamaica for the first time since inception in 1995.

The Jamaica Observer reported that Louis Farrakhan, along with his family, arrived in Jamaica last week for the event that is to be held at the National Arena, in Kingston.

Minister Louis Farrakhan is expected to deliver a wide ranging address.

According to The Jamaica Gleaner, Imam David Muhammad, representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam said Jamaica was chosen because of its importance to the Nation of Islam.

“The Caribbean region is recognised by the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan as being a beacon of consciousness for the global black liberation struggle, and most of the literature, for example, that has offered guidance to black America has come from the Caribbean.”

He also spoke about Jamaica being apart of the roots of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Minister Farrakan’s father is from Jamaica and his mother is from St Kitts, and you even have great scholars like J.A. Rogers, who was born in Jamaica, and Walter Rodney, who was from Guyana… All of these came through the Caribbean region and spread through black America.”

Farrakhan is a black religious and social leader. Farrakhan has been both praised and widely criticized for his often controversial political views and outspoken rhetorical style. He has been criticized for remarks that have been perceived as anti-semitic, anti-white, and prejudiced against gays. In October 1995, he organized and led the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., calling on black men to renew their commitments to their families and communities.

The Inquisitr reported last year that Farrakhan’s son was under investigation by an Illinois state law enforcement agency.

The Million Man March has been overshadowed by the Ebola outbreak.

The Gleaner reported that sections of the medical and diplomatic community were concerned about a potential Ebola outbreak given the scores of foreigners who would be attending the event.

Senator A.J. Nicholson, the minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, would not offer a comment on any aspect of the Million Man March or the likely plans of the Portia Simpson Miller administration.

However, according to Edmund Bartlett, opposition spokesman on foreign affairs, “the imminent staging of the Million Man March is a matter of concern.”

“The Government should engage the organizers immediately in dialogue to determine its feasibility at this time, in the interest of public-health safety,” he said.

Farrakhan still hosted the march in Jamaica despite these concerns.

[Image via Gallery Hip]

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