June 16, 2021

OPINION: Dirty politicians and ALBA leaders (2)

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By Jolly Green

Part Two [2]

It was most unfortunate for Venezuela and the world that Chavez’s chosen successor was also trained in Cuba, a Venezuelan union official working for a bus company. Sent home from political college by Cuba’s Fidel Castro to wait for the moment for which he was now awakened. The takeover of the growing Cuban satellite, Venezuela. He succeeded Chavez, but Chavez had left the coffers bare. Chavez had already done the damage of killing capitalism and chasing out all capitalists from the country, making everything state-owned. Chavez had already spent the future oil income for the next fifty years. Chavez bought enormous amounts of arms and equipment from Russia, ships, tanks, and missiles. Instead of paying for the Russian equipment, Chavez allowed Russia [and China], to have agreements on the future production of oil. Set the price against oil values when they were approaching $130US a barrel; with the stipulation, if the market price dropped, they got more oil. Well, the price did drop, and so did Venezuela’s oil production. So now Russia and China are collecting their rightfully owned oil in much larger quantities, several times more than when the contracts started. Venezuela’s oil is low-grade and dirty, just like Maduro and his supporters.

Venezuela’s oil is heavy high sulfur content oil, which requires certain chemical additives and also requires mixing with light crude before it can be cracked at a refinery. If you can remember this, we will come back to it later.

Cuba has added to the Venezuelan oil problem by creating an unfair exchange, doctors and nurses for Venezuelan oil, the oil they get every month far exceeds the value of the medical teams they have in Venezuela.

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez had the idea of setting up an organization that could be used as a Trojan horse to inflict communism on just about all the Caribbean islands along with Latin and South America mainland countries. They eventually called it ALBA; it attracted almost every left-wing politician in most of the countries in the hemisphere. Of course, Cuba already had in most local countries numerous Cuban trained and influenced politicians waiting in the wings to grab power. In ALBA, Cuba had achieved almost overnight something that the Castro’s had diligently worked at by training rebels in most of these countries to overthrow their right-wing government and install communism but had not achieved that. The success that Castro had before Chavez and ALBA, was the Grenadian coup and revolution led by a Cuban influenced brother. Maurice Bishop, and the Grenada revolution, unfortunately for Cuba that was cut short by Bishops murder and invasion by the US, which brought humiliation to the Castro’s, but they never gave up. http://www.ieyenews.com/wordpress/the-unfinished-work-of-maurice-bishop-by-peter-binose/


The Castro’s had previously been a front for Russia, using Cuba to fight wars in Africa as Russia’s nominees. The Castro’s had also worked out that they could reap a benefit from every leftwing government in the islands and the Americas. For a grand monthly payment they sent in nurses and doctors, some say not very good ones professionally. They also had left-wing ALBA governments employ Cuban workmen to build airports and other projects, the Cuban government being well paid to do so. Much of the payments were laundered through Castro’s London bank. The Cuban medical and other employees being paid a small amount in Cuba, while Castro kept the bulk, laundering it as it passed through London. If you wonder which Caribbean and leaders in the Americas are under the Castro spell, under the Cuban dirty schemes directions, look at the leaders of every ALBA member state, and you have your answer.

Eventually, after the death of Chavez, Nicholas Maduro, Fidel Castro’s new star pupil came to power by Chavez’s pre-selection before his death. Maduro inherited a bad deal because with the country already bankrupt, his mental ability did not enable him to get the country out of the trouble it was in. He was still at heart and mentally, a bus driver and union organizer. It was not Maduro’s fault that the country was broke, but his inability made it worse instead of better. He locked up more people and killed more on the streets and in their homes than Chavez, using the Cuban special forces to eliminate the ill-conceived counter-revolutionaries, who were just ordinary people looking for just ordinary lives.

Maduro inherited a dirty corrupt military leadership, he had to keep the military sweet and continued paying the colonels huge sums of money, with special family food rations available on base to the lower ranks. Maduro even gave important commercial positions in the oil and other industries to military leaders. He has given them anything and everything they ask for even if it means that the Venezuelan people go without. That is why the military will not give up on Maduro; they were bought and owned by Chavez and are now owned by Maduro. If Maduro falls all the Colonels fall as well and they know it.

By now the country has collapsed, the people have none or little health care available, no drugs, no dressings, and broken and missing equipment and surgical instruments. Electricity does not exist anymore in some areas. People are starving no food in the shops. Millions of middle class and poor people flee to surrounding countries, while the rich flew away a long time ago and took their capital with them. Now in June 2019 Venezuela have failed to pay on Bonds

The Americans decided to put sanctions on Venezuela, but not on the country, they put sanctions instead on the dirty Maduro politicians, on the dirty military leaders. The US even grabbed US bank accounts that many of these people had in the US hiding their ill-gotten gains.

Much has recently been claimed about American sanctions, saying that American sanctions brought about the collapse of Venezuela this is untrue and without any foundation whatsoever.

The collapse of Venezuela happened long before the Americans put sanctions on it. The Americans put sanctions on those Venezuelan individuals they saw as stealing from the country and did not put actual sanctions on Venezuela the country until December 2017. What brought about Venezuela’s collapse was initially Cuba, assisted by all the thieves, which include Chavez and Maduro and the Venezuelan military command, with a big helping hand from Putin and Russia. Even the daughter of Chavez is today the richest women in the hemisphere with a few billion sewn in her corset.

Well, let’s now come back to the oil. The Cubans and Maduro claim that the US is looking to steal Venezuela’s oil. The Americans categorically do not want Venezuela’s dirty oil; they already have an oversupply of their own dirty oil from the shale-field extractions. But now with US sanctions on, Venezuela itself is short of gasoline and diesel, because they cannot bring in the light crude and chemicals required for turning it into petroleum products. Cuba is also suffering because the US sanctions affect the tanker companies who normally carry petro products to Cuba.

The Russians and the Chinese are supporting Maduro, regardless of what is happening to the Venezuelan people. They are doing that because if they don’t, they may well lose the many billions of US dollars owed to them and their banks and corporations under the Chavez/Maduro regime.

The Iranians are supporting Maduro as well; they do not want to lose their contract to train ALBA military, or to lose their contract to mine and export Venezuelan uranium. They are also doing back door deals selling light crude to Venezuela despite US sanctions on both countries, payment in gold of course.

Maduro has been shipping Venezuelan state-owned gold all over the world, sort of gold plating his future nest wherever he eventually comes to rest, Dubai, Russia, or Turkey. They all have a few pallets stored to his account. Billions of dollars of state theft right there with the help of country leaders who you can be sure are taking their percentage.


A Venezuelan general who participated in the failed coup d’etat alongside Hugo Chávez in 1992 published a video May 14 2019 urging soldiers to rise up against dictator Nicolás Maduro and suggested the communist government in Cuba killed Chávez to install Maduro as their puppet.


Maduro has drawn great support from some of the ALBA Caribbean island leaders, like Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago. People who were long ago bought by Hugo Chavez and have remained loyal to Nicholas Maduro for a price.

The Americans should not look to Russia for their cooperation, not while dirty Putin is in charge. He is the daddy of them all when it comes raping rich and poor alike, he is the world’s richest man and came to the job in Russia penniless.

The human race is in so much trouble from socialist’s turned communists that it needs to colonise another planet and either send them there or leave them here and go ourselves.

Jolly Green, Bringing the truth to a hemisphere of lying politicians


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