October 23, 2020

OPINION: A monster of a President?


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How does a man become a monster, if men can become monsters ? How does an ordinary man, with the virtues and vices of other men become the worst person on earth so that to protect people from him he must be removed from his place of influence? Does he go to bed an ordinary man and wakes up one morning an ogre? Or does he show signs of fiendishness early in his life which increase over time until he becomes a monster?

I’m asking, because for 69 years lived in New York as an ordinary man doing what many ordinary men do: sleeping with women, running his businesses, sometimes using the law, unscrupulously to succeed. Many people admired his business acumen and his celebrity; some of them enjoyed playing at his golf clubs and staying at his hotels. The media loved him for he brought them millions of dollars with his television shows shows and beauty pageants.

Then one day he announces that he is running for President and he suddenly becomes the worst person in America: a monstrous womanizer, a racist, a buffoon, a warmonger, a supreme egoist, a chauvinist. And worse: a colluder who joined his country’s eternal enemy, , to steal an election in his own country that has the most impregnable system of voting in the world. If you believe people. I find all this strange?

One of the charges against him is that he is a racist, for which many people say he must be removed from office. But it seems to me that if he is, he became a racist the day when according to some people he said Mexico sends some of its worst people to America. Which is true. So does that make him a racist? If a man is a racist, at seventy years old it is well nigh impossible for him not to have not been one before, or if he was, to have hidden it all those years. Yet there is no record of Donald Trump being a racist up to the time he ran for the Presidency. For years he employed thousands of people across America and the world, yet to my knowledge not one of them has come forward to to say he is a racist . He employs many Mexicans, against whom he is allegedly racist, so if anyone has the proof, it is Mexicans; but none of them has said he is racist.

He is said to have colluded with Russia to manipulate the elections and steal it from Hillary Clinton, the same elections that President Obama said couldn’t be tampered with to change its outcome. A special counsel, , was appointed over a year ago to investigate collusion with Russia; up to this point and millions of dollars spent he and his team have found no hint of collusion.

Yet people are determined to remove from office this man who was lawfully elected by the people.

Of course Donald Trump is no angel. He is egotistical ( but who without an oversize ego seeks the presidency of America?) He is thin skinned and vindictive; he loves to say “when hit I strike back”; and he gives ample evidence with some of his dratted early morning tweets.
Apart from this how has he performed? Compared to his predecessors, well if you ask me. He has virtually decimated ISIS which was born and mushroomed into a worldwide threat under Obama. He has given big tax cuts to Americans; opened to the way for many American business overseas to return, bringing with them millions of dollars and jobs to the country. And for all the contrived scare about ripping illegal immigrant families and children apart- something which is done several times a day in America , by its own Social Services-, he is taking steps to clean up the mess at the border, created largely, by previous presidents doing nothing out of their devotion to political correctness and desire to bring in immigrants to vote for their party. This is good for the country. Now ask yourself is such a man a monster as he is portrayed?

Pardon me but what I see in the madness to demonize and impeach Trump and remove him from office is nothing but a determination to destroy the way America was founded and its greatness in the world. Donald Trump seems to be standing in the way and he must be removed at all costs. To me those possessed of such determination are the real monsters.

Ewin James is a freelance journalist living in Longwood Florida.

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