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Ophelia regenerates and may reform

Ophelia has regenerated. Yesterday (28) it was written that the storm had an 80% chance of re-forming. It was a Tropical Depression as of yesterday morning and is expected to reach Tropical Storm status either in the late morning or early afternoon. Ophelia is even forecasted to become a Category 1 hurricane as it draws near to Bermuda and Newfoundland.

Ophelia reorganised to the east of the northern Leeward Islands and her path takes her away from the Caribbean and north to Bermuda by Saturday and Newfoundland on Monday.

Rob Lightbown writes, “Ophelia is expected to slowly strengthen over the next few days first reaching tropical storm strength sometime today (28) and then hurricane strength on Friday night or Saturday morning. Ophelia is expected to be a Category 1 hurricane as it tracks just east of Bermuda on Saturday and still a Category 1 hurricane as it approaches Newfoundland on Monday.”

Meanwhile, Philippe remains in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and has shown no signs of further development or strengthening.

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