January 27, 2022

Opening Sochi Winter Games

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1609871_815680715114740_627693984_nCayman team wear shorts and flip-flops at Opening Sochi Winter Games

The Cayman Islands caused a big laugh when they made their appearance at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at the Opening Ceremony. Whilst Bermuda had appeared first in the stadium wearing Bermuda shorts, the Cayman Islands team, almost out shadowed by the huge team of Canada behind them, drew much laughter by outdoing them wearing not only shorts but flip flops as well!


ABC News (USA):Update: The Cayman Islands outdid their Bermuda counterparts and wore flip-flops!

People magazine (USA): “It’s been in the 30s in Russia for most of Friday. And yet there are still teams dressing as if they’re Bermudain their homeland. These athletes might just be the real heroes of the Winter Olympics.

Bermuda is wearing their traditional shorts and socks combo. In Russia. In winter. The Bermuda team might be sporting shorts, but the team from the Cayman Islands have one-upped them. Yes, they are wearing flip-flops.”

The Guardian (UK): “Bermuda’s four-person outfit turn up in scarlet shorts, blazers and ties. An unusual look, that one. I haven’t finished with the fashion faux pas, though. Talking of which, here’s Bermuda. The Cayman Islands outdid Bermuda by not only wearing scarlet shorts, but also flip-flops.”

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Don Burgess, Deputy Editor From BDA SUN

Bermuda shorts at the opening ceremony were called “sexy” but were also called a “joke” and people who wear them “idiots”. *AFP photo

While it is a time-honoured tradition that the island march in the opening ceremony of the summer and winter Olympics in Bermuda shorts, it definitely got a mixed reaction from commentators.

Positives saw them described as “sexy” and tennis star Maria Sharapova “loved” them. And FOX Sports gave the gold medal for being best dressed.

But the shorts provoked laughter, called a “joke” and Bermudians who wear them “idiots”.

However, the most damaging was ‘winning’ the Worst Dressed Award for the Opening Ceremony.

Here are some of the comments from news organizations in four countries:

Houston Chronicle (USA): “Team Bermuda walked into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics like they owned the place, wearing matching blazers, bright red Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks, a nod to their country’s proud tradition of looking like idiots.”

National Post (Canada): “One only has to feel sorry for the team from Bermuda. That brave handful of competitors had to wear the only national symbol they have, and showed up for their entrance wearing geranium red shorts.”

Washington Post (USA): “Wait, Bermuda? And they’re wearing shorts. Do they have long pants at all?”

The Australian (Australia): “Or indeed for the Bermuda team in their sexy red shorts. That joke has done the rounds of the Olympic athletes parade for generations.”

AFP (France): “Maria Sharapova seems to be particularly appreciating the Bermudan team. “Bermuda wearing shorts…love it! 6 degrees in the stadium ,” she tweets.

Calgary Herald (Canada): “University of Calgary staff and athletes gather to watch the ceremonies, an event that produces laughter at the Bermuda short pants.”

FOXSports: With all due respect to the other bold fashion statements of the Opening Ceremony, nothing topped this. Despite temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Team Bermuda made its appearance at Friday’s festivities rocking the namesake leg garment of their nation.

Who is Team Bermuda? It’s just one person — Tucker Murphy, a 32-year-old cross-country skier who was born in Dallas. He finished 88th in the 15 km event in 2010 in Vancouver. That’s him with the flag.

Kudos, Bermuda. If they gave out medals for Opening Ceremony, you’d have the gold.

BBC (UK): “The Bermuda team traditionally parade in Bermuda shorts for the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics – and despite the cold, they’ve upheld the tradition in Sochi. Good work”.

USATODAY (USA):  “The crowd burst into laughter when the screen filled with the image of the Bermuda delegation marching in their red Bermuda shorts.”

ABC News (USA): Huge kudos to Team Bermuda for upholding the Bermuda short tradition. The Twittersphere loves them! Check out those legs!

Update: The Cayman Islands outdid their Bermuda counterparts and wore flip-flops!

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  1. I looked forward to seeing the lone Olympian from the Caymans at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and was disappointed to see a mere split-second of him! Very brave indeed, to be the sole representative of a nation. But iEyeNews published a very nice photo of him and his background, so I’m happy! Hearty congratulations to Dow and his family.


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