September 28, 2020

Open Water event Saturday


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The next CIASA (Cayman Islands Amateur Swim Assoc)  800m sea swim, Sat May 26, sponsored by Butterfield Bank, will be special. Joining the CISA will be special Olympics athletes and coaches from Jamaica, Curacao + Barbados + the U.S.

Along with the usual 150+ participants, will be 20 special Olympic athletes, including five Caymanians.  They will swim in a different color cap.

This is in conjunction with the 1st International Clinic on Open Water swimming for special Olympics athletes, being held here!   Attracted by Cayman’s superb natural open water conditions, well organized, safe sea swim and growing expertise of producing open water events.

The Special Olympic World Summer Games 2011 in Athens saw 35 athletes from 20 countries compete in the first Open Water event.  (which was won by Cayman’s Andrew Smilley!)  The goal for next World Summer Games Los Angeles in 2015 is 100 athletes for the open water competition.

Our local special Olympics athletes: Andrew Smilley, Kanza Bodden, Quinton Ebanks, Hamish Wood and Alec Cox from the Brac.

Joining us from overseas will be:

Kester Edwards, one of the 1st International Global Messengers for Special Olympics International, is a former Special Olympics athlete. He now works with SOI in the Regional Growth Division and Sports Department.  His passion is Open Water Swimming!

Steven Munatones, is an athlete, coach, organizer, promoter, publicist, blogger of open water events and people. Harvard educated, Steve is a frequent visitor to + promoter of Cayman’s beautiful open water.

The clinic main speakers will be Munatones + Cayman’s own hardworking, well known + loved Penny McDowall, who was recognized by Special Olympics Caribbean in 2007 as the Coach of the Year.

Butterfield Bank’s Bill McFarland, a past president of CIASA and active open water swimmer, will do the briefing for the special Olympics athletes.

This is a joint effort of Special Olympics Cayman Island (SOCI) + Butterfield Bank and CIASA, could be the start of a world wide push to enhance open water swimming for Special Olympics International!

The race will be the usual course, Governors -> Public Beach, starting at 4pm sharp.  CIASA runs seven open water events each year, producing valuable open water knowledge for our swimmers and organizing team.

As usual CIASA’s family friendly events are open.  Registration starts at 3pm at Governor’s beach.



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