June 21, 2021

Top ten global accountancy firm becomes major sponsor of world’s largest expat survey

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moorestep-expatI-World Research, originators and distributors of the world’s largest annual study of those residing outside of their country of origin, has announced that Moore Stephens is now an official sponsor of The Expat Survey .com

This is a major coup for I-World Research, the Intel Unit for international advertising agency Max Media, as Moore Stephens is one of the leading global accountancy firms and is renowned for its portfolio of ultra-high net worth clients.

The firm sees this association as the perfect opportunity, via their sponsorship, to tap into an expatriate market that is growing as global mobility escalates. These tend to include those seeking better lifestyles and retirees, right through to large groups of individuals relocating to a country outside of their origin to expand their career path.

Culture, religion, tradition and language, as well as media engagement, consumer habits and access to technology all play a part in connecting with a customer in a way that is specifically relevant to them as individuals. Being able to communicate with people as individuals is a major benefit of partners such as Moore Stephens, to The Expat Survey.

Emma Wood, founding and project director for I-World Research says of the new association, “We are of course thrilled that a company as renown as Moore Stephens has joined the ranks of The Expat Survey as a major sponsor. The dynamics of serving global nomadic segments are complex, but if companies understand these customers and how to deliver services that are relevant to them then there is great value to be achieved for both the supplier and particularly the customer.”Gill Smith, Head of Private Client Services at Moore Stephens London said, “As a top 10 accounting and advisory firm, we are aware of the challenges facing expatriate individuals. We offer bespoke tax and wealth management solutions to those living abroad or thinking of moving abroad. We are delighted to collaborate with the Expat Survey and hope the partnership will further assist us in understanding the needs of our expatriate clients.”

Moore Stephens’ success stems from their in-depth understanding of clients that allows them to deliver focused accounting and advisory solutions, both locally and globally. Leveraging their sponsorship with The Expat Survey and tapping into the expertise of the Max Media International team that run it, will enable the firm to further expand and tailor their range of products and solutions to better service a growing band of potential customers from their many offices located around the world.

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