January 28, 2023

Ones to Watch… Lisa and Chris Binns

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From Jamaica Observer

Lisa and Chris Binns, the co-principals of the acclaimed Table Talk Food Awards-winning Stush in the Bush oasis in St Ann, are adding a decadently delish new option. How does Stush in the Bush Barbados grab you?

… Have a seat at their rustic, mahogany dining table, beautifully decorated with bouquets of rosemary, oregano, and basil cut fresh from the farm. Dotted alongside the fresh herbs, are the Pride of Barbados and bright bougainvillea to light up the table. On Earthworks plates, your meal, curated from what is grown, what is sustainable and what is local is kissed by STUSH in the BUSH sauces and vinaigrettes reimagined for a new landscape.

BIM is Lisa’s birthplace and decidedly the first location of a STUSH in the BUSH outpost. “Having a farm-to-table experience in both our island homes has always been a dream of ours; not to mention that Barbados is ripe for an organic farm-to-table dining experience.” Barbados is an island that relies heavily on food import, just like Jamaica. Sharing the concept of being a ‘locavore’ and introducing the island to ‘sexy vegetarian’ will highlight further the use of fruits and vegetables in a myriad of ways to please the palate.

“Farm is first in farm-to-table. Contemplating the lush parishes of St Thomas, St George and St Joseph, we are excited to create a bespoke, authentic dining experience amidst the rolling hills of the interior. Driving through the countryside last August on our family vacation sealed the deal.

“Organic farming is so important for Barbados and there is no better way for people to see that connection than by way of dining. Rustic gourmet has always been our approach, and we hope to share with Bajans in just how to ‘fall in love with your food’ the STUSH way.”

The more for 2018-2019 are STUSH outposts in Cayman and Eleuthera in the Bahamas. From Jamaica, to the world, or more specifically, to our beloved Caribbean!

IMAGE: Chris and Lisa Binns, co-principals of Stush in the Bush Jamaica

For more on this story go to: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/style/Lisa_and_Chris_Binns_121576?profile=1237

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