February 8, 2023

One of Westmoreland’s most wanted nabbed in Cayman Islands

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From Nationwide News Net

A man who was named by the Westmoreland Police as being among the parish’s ten most wanted men was arrested by the Cayman police on Friday.

He was arrested on suspicion of illegal landing and possession of marijuana.

Nationwide News understands the man is O’Brian Ellis, otherwise known as ‘Joe Grine’.

Head of the Westmoreland police, Superintendent Lanford Salmon, confirmed with Nationwide News, this afternoon that Ellis is wanted in the parish for murder and arson.

It’s understood that Ellis is accused of killing his brother.

Superintendent Salmon says the Constabulary is communicating with their counterparts in Cayman regarding plans to deport him.

A statement today from the Cayman Islands Government says a Jamaican national was arrested last Friday as part of a joint tactical operation.

It says the operation — initiated by immigration, customs and the police force — resulted in a drug bust.

According to the statement, Cayman immigration officials discovered that illegal persons were residing in an area of the British dependent territory known as Windsor Park.

They were also said to be concealing drugs.

A joint task force searched the area and found several packages of marijuana in various locations.

It says a Jamaican national — confirmed to be Ellis — was arrested.

The Cayman Island police say Ellis is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow [Wed 23].

For more on this story go to: http://nationwideradiojm.com/one-of-westmorelands-most-wanted-nabbed-in-cayman/

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