November 28, 2020

One new case of dengue confirmed. Two new cases under investigation

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imagesDengue Update as of 23 February 2013

From the Cayman Islands Public Health Department

•          Total cases investigated for dengue in 2012 is 94 and 42 for 2013.

•          Since the last update as of February 16, 2013, there had been two new cases under investigation for dengue, during the week of February 17-23, 2013. None had a travel history to an endemic area; there were no admissions to the hospital; one was a resident of George Town, Dengue_1and one from Bodden Town.

•            Eleven results were received during this week from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) previously known as the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC). One was positive for dengue, with the onset on January 25, 2013.

•          The total results received thus far are: 121 cases with results (42 positives, 75 negatives, and 4 inconclusive) with 15 results awaiting.

Of the 42 confirmed cases, 12 had reported a travel history to endemic countries and 30 had no travel history, suggesting that they acquired the dengue locally.

•          Distribution of all confirmed cases: West Bay 32, George Town 6 and Bodden Town 4.

•          Out of the 12 with travel history: 7 from West Bay; 3 from G. T, and 2 from Bodden Town.

•          Of the 30 without travel history: 25 from WB, 3 from GT and 2 from Bodden Town.

•          Total hospital admissions: 30.


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