February 8, 2023

Old Time New Year Family Fun Day

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DSC_9944comFrom The Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs

The Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs kicked off 2014 with a family fair on the first day of the year, welcoming many hundreds of her district’s residents to the inaugural “Old Time New Year” Family Fun Day, held at the Ed Bush field in West Bay.

The fun day, which began at noon, carried on well into the evening, as West Bayers poured in throughout the day, enjoying a variety of old time games and events and partaking in the selections of food and beverages. Prizes were awarded for such events as “Lime and Spoon” and the timeless “Three Legged Race” as well as local favourite “Croker Sack Race”, in which the Minister herself took part! Mini matches of football were played on the larger field, enticing many youngsters to come out and score a goal or two.

Organizers ensured fun for all ages, with all games available to young and old alike. For the young ones, horse rides donated by Spirit of the West were a popular draw, as children lined up several times to be led around on one of the two fields in use for the event.

Residents were invited to visit the ‘Culture Corner’, where local artists and crafts vendors involved in the Heritage Arts programme displayed their wares and demonstrations, which included rope-making and spinning gigs. The Minister was presented with a commemorative rope, spun onsite by Mr. Billy Banker and other attendee volunteers.

The day also featured several local musicians, including Mr. Curtis Barnett, Mr. Quincy Brown and Ms. Sharlene Rogers who regaled the audience with a selection of musical offerings.

Between the bouncing castles, snow-cones and a balloon-making clown, the day ended with many worn out youngsters and their happy parents, declaring it a complete success!

“Our first annual ‘Old Time New Year’ Family Fun Day proved to be a very popular event on New Year’s day,” said the 2nd elected member from West Bay, Hon. Tara Rivers. “I believe that community events like this are a great way to bring our people together for good, wholesome fun, where families can play together and enjoy themselves. It was such a wonderful day and I am thrilled that so many came out and took part in it. We look forward to next year’s family fun day, which promises to be just as enjoyable.”

The event was sponsored by several local businesses, each of which made generous donations. During her closing speech, Minister Rivers thanked the sponsors who helped to provide everything from the ice to the food and the prizes for the winners of the games played throughout the day.



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