November 27, 2020

Office Supply’s big “Thank you” to customers

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Office Supply’s staff L-R: Larry Griffen, Cheslyn Munroe, Bruce Jervis, Richard Walker, Terry Mason, Anthony Cohen, Karen Armstrong, Kevin Thompson, Stephen Heal, and Michael Eden.

Office Supply Ltd. were saying a great Christmas season thank you to all their customers with their Customer Appreciation evening at their Marquee Plaza store.

There were drinks and food all round, as well as a raffle, where customers who put their business cards in a box had the chance of winning a Blackberry, and iPhone, or a weekend for two at the Reef resort or a special Platinum Package from Yellow Pages.

Explaining the purpose of the event, General Manager Stephen Heal said:

“We got together with LIME and we thought it was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves formally to the community. We also wanted to hold a seasonal gathering to gather all our friends and all our customers in one room to thank them for their business so far, to do some business on the spot with LIME and their customers.”

Sebastien Nehme, Eileen Keens and Shaun Gerard from Cayman Islands Yellow Pages

“We want to supply our corporate customers with all our office supplies, obviously, but we also want to supply them with business machines and business and IT solutions, so it fits in well with what LIME does, as we share some of the same small, medium and large enterprise business on the island.

Commenting on the store’s competitive prices offered to both corporate customers and individuals, Mr Heal added:

“What we did is we made a conscious effort to keep our margins as low as possible, and to sell at that same price to everyone.

“We want to be competitive, and we also want to be in business for the years to come, so we have a margin that we think we can live with, and serve both of those purposes, while passing off some savings to our customers.”

Apart from the office supplies and business machines of all kinds, the store also offers a comprehensive range of art supplies – everything from sketch pads to paints, paint brushes and canvases.

“It’s the best range of art materials on the island, because we saw a bit of a niche there.

LIME’s Delfia Brown, David Chestnut, and Bessanio Dilbert

“What we’ve done is we’ve actually supplied a list and we’ve asked the customers for feedback. When we first opened four months ago it wasn’t half that size, but we took on suggestions from customers and we’ve grown it, and it’s probably just going to get larger,” Mr. Heal said.

LIME Sales Executive Bessanio Dilbert, and two of his colleagues were busy demonstrating LIME’s very latest communications technology:

“We have a LIME presence with Office Supply which we partner with, and we have on display all of the latest Blackberry devices. We also have the Mitel 1000 and the Mitel 3000 (telephone systems) on display”

The store’s comprehensive range of items isn’t its only advantage, however:

“We’ve got a great location – we’re open from eight till six, which offers a little more convenience, Monday through Saturday,” Mr. Heal said.


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