October 24, 2020

Occupational hazard! Promoting a culture of safety


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(L-R) Employees of the Marriott Beach Resort, Mr Gene Hydes and Mr. Robert Whittaker from the DER

Hazards in the workplace increase stress and play a part in causing accidents, injuries, disease, and even death. On Monday 16 January 2012 the staff and management at the Marriott Beach Resort took part in an intense safety programme.

The Department of Employment Relations (DER) knows about the many risks people face in their workspaces. To ensure that employees also know, the department continues to offer the Occupational Safety and Health Outreach Programme.

An intense two day certificate course with an examination at the end, the programme’s modules each cover a safety issue which can be confronted in the work environment, such as fire, electrical, handling tools and equipment, even working at or around excavations.

Knowing about workplace hazards means that employees can help make their surroundings safer and ensure that the proper protection is provided to workers. DER believes this kind of training lessens the possibility of worker injury or illness.

Directing the course is Mr. Gene Hydes, a Senior Labour Inspector with the DER. “After the course, employees will be more aware of their surroundings,” said Mr. Hydes. “It is important that, after training, employees know how to spot haphazard areas and know that they have the right to refuse to work in unsafe environments.”

Mr Enrique Tasende of the Marriott hotel stated, “When I saw this course was available, I got in contact with the Department of Employment Relations immediately. After being in the hotel business for over 15 years, you know the value of life and safety on the job.”

Photo by Information Officer Kristi Anderson 

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