July 24, 2021

NY Times Exposed for Not Paying Taxes Either

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getfileBy Eric Mack From Newsmax

The controversy of the New York Times report Donald Trump not paying income taxes flew in the face of a January 2016 report the Times itself has “avoided” paying taxes in 2014, per Breitbart , citing a Forbes report.

“For tax year 2014, The New York Times paid no taxes and got an income tax refund of $3.5 million even though they had a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in 2014,” Forbes wrote in January 2016. “In other words, their post-tax profit was higher than their pre-tax profit.”

Trump supporter Rudy Guiliani also defended Trump’s actions Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in the face of the Times report.

“The New York Times writes this long story, and then somewhere around paragraph 18, they point out there was no wrongdoing,” Guiliani told NBC host Chuck Todd. “Now, people have a hard time understanding how taxes work.

“If Donald Trump hadn’t taken those losses, he could have been sued by his investors. He could have sued by his business partners. When I run a business, and I run a business, and I don’t take advantage of the five deductions that are available to me, even if you think those deductions are unfair, then I violated my fiduciary duty. I have clients that take losses like that, and I advise them, you have to take those losses. Otherwise, you’re not doing your job.

Guiliani went so far as to say Trump’s actions make him “smart,” as the retorted in Monday’s debate with Hillary Clinton.

“The reality is, he is a genius,” Guiliani told Todd. “What he did was he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise, and he did something we admire in America. He came back. . . .

“Great men have big failures, and take those failures and return them into results. I’d rather have a genius like trump other than Hillary Clinton, just getting jobs for the FBI.”

For more on this story go to: http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/nyt-didnt-pay-taxes-2014/2016/10/02/id/751276/#ixzz4M4rLrlj5

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