October 23, 2020

Nuffy dedicates single to Kartel


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KINGSTON (AP) – Controversial MC Nuffy has recorded a single dedicated to the incarcerated self- proclaimed dancehall hero Vybz Kartel. According to Nuffy, Vybz Kartel is innocent until proven otherwise.

The song is called Muss Come A Road, and is produced by Feather Weight Records on the Gripe Water rhythm, which is soon to be released.

The MC/artiste says that he is a loyal Gaza fan, and he won’t switch like many have done since his incarceration.

“Some people are wagonists, I’m a loyal person and Vybz Kartel is a good artiste, and I wouldn’t want to see a good talent wasted. Some people just act like they are with you and when trouble tek yuh they disappear,” he said.

In the song, which is sure to cause some amount of controversy, Nuffy sings, ‘Muss come a road Teacha, mi a duh deh one ya fi Adidja, to all a di gangsta wey nuh love informa, push up uno han because uno still sey Gaza.

Mi si sey dem a try sell out di Empire, charge him fi diss, charge him fi dat … mi si di ‘Teacher’s Pet’ reigning, him lawyer big suh more crime them claiming, mi swear pon mi heart a frame dem a frame him.’

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