January 27, 2022

Now that’s what we call a seadog

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article-2634883-1E0FB4E600000578-22_634x423From Daily Mail UK

Dashing dachshund dresses as ship’s captain, shark and pirate on his luxury Caribbean getaway

Canadian dog owner Ryan Beauchesne dresses his pet in jaunty outfits

Dachshund Crusoe sported range of outfits for on his recent holiday

We all have them somewhere on our phones or cameras – mildly embarrassing snaps that show us relaxing on holiday, perhaps wearing an outfit we wouldn’t be seen in at home.

Few of us, though, dress as pirates, sailors and even sharks while on a foreign break.

But then, few of us are dogs whose owner likes to squeeze them into a range of strange and unusual costumes.

Meet Crusoe, a dachshund who has just returned from the Caribbean – complete with a holiday photo album that has to be seen to be believed.

Canadian animal lover Ryan Beauchesne, 26, recently took his beloved pet on a luxury island-hopping tour of the Exuma archipelago, in the Bahamas.

While sailing through crystal-clear waters and playing on beaches of bright white sand, Crusoe dressed up as a ship’s captain to steer the boat, a pirate while digging on the beach and a shark while swimming in the sea.

Crusoe has a large following on the internet thanks to Mr Beauchesne’s blog (www.celebritydachshund.com), where the four-year-old hound can be seen in a variety of amusing guises.

Mr Beauchesne said: ‘I’ve always wanted to take Crusoe on a luxury holiday – this was his first trip sailing around the Bahamas.

‘Next year we are planning on taking him to Italy and Greece.

‘I called him “Captain Crusoe” when he was acting as coxswain on the boat.

‘When he wore the pirate outfit I buried a treasure chest full of squeaky toys for him to find in the sand.’

Mr Beauchesne, of Ottawa, Canada, took Crusoe on a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with his girlfriend Laurence Dionne, 24, and her family.

Mr Beauchesne, a web developer, has spent the last two years dressing the black and tan sausage dog in different hand-made costumes and posting the pictures on the internet.

He has previously dressed Crusoe up in a scuba diving suit, a chef’s outfit, a Batman suit, and a Wile E Coyote costume, complete with a rocket.

He said: ‘The holiday was amazing and Crusoe loved it. He was very well behaved. As soon as we hit the beach he would explode with energy.’

Mr Beauchesne and Crusoe also visited the famous Pig Beach, on an uninhabited island in the Exuma chain, which is home to several feral pigs.

‘When we arrived on the shore one of the biggest boars came up to us. Crusoe started barking and trying to go towards him, but we held him back and kept him in the dinghy.

‘Once Crusoe saw that the pigs were not a threat he calmed down. He was quite happy watching them and looking at the food they were eating.

‘He is a very curious dog.’

For more on this story and to see the video go to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2634883/Dog-dresses-pirate-sailor-shark-Caribbean-holiday.html#ixzz32Mi8mm62



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