July 1, 2022

Northward Prison intercepts more contraband

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Prison Contraband 7may BPrison Officers at Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Northward continue to battle with the threat of contraband being smuggled into the prison system.

Four pounds of ganja and six bottles of rum were recently discovered inside the prison perimeter, in addition to a cellphone and a USB charger.

Supervisor of Security & intelligence Maxine Spalding said these items were found near the prison greenhouse.

While the prison is secured by two parallel 15-foot security fences topped with razor wire, packages are still thrown over the fence.

Members of the public who are caught committing such offences are subject to criminal prosecution, and inmates who intercept these packages lose remission time from their sentences.

Prison Contraband 7may AThe Prison Service is in the process of upgrading the perimeter camera system which will assist in identifying those guilty of these criminal acts.

Prison Director Neil Lavis commended his officers on their continued diligence, which has been demonstrated by the increase in the number of drug and contraband discoveries.


The packages intercepted by prison officials.


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