April 4, 2020

North Side MLA calls on government for immediate remedy for mosquito infestations


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The Member of the Legislative Assembly for North Side, Mr. Ezzard Miller, is calling on the Government to immediately remedy the serious mosquito infestation plaguing the district of North Side. 

“In North Side the mosquitoes have not been this thick since the 1960s,” Mr. Miller said.

“In areas residents cannot go outside even in the middle of the day and school children cannot play on the field unless they are covered in bug spray,” Mr. Miller said, adding: “This is terrible and unacceptable in modern day Cayman.”

Mr. Miller has accordingly called on Government to immediately fund MRCU’s purchase of the necessary chemicals in order to facilitate the resumption of aerial and ground spraying this weekend.

Further to these complaints from his constituents, Mr. Miller also calls on the Government and MRCU to explain to the public why the spray plane and the truck foggers have not been seen during the last few weeks.

“My inquires indicate that MRCU has no chemicals to spray for mosquitoes and no larvicide to treat the larvae in the water before the mosquitoes hatch,” Mr. Miller said, adding: “There can be no excuses since the Government has the money—we were informed in Finance Committee last Friday (June 7) that the Government has $66 million in surplus funds.”

Mr. Miller said that he could neither “accept excuses from the Minister and MRCU for not having the chemicals in stock.  Such incompetence at all levels cannot and should not be tolerated by Caymanians.”

Mr. Miller said that if MRCU and the Ministry had exhausted their funds on “the unsuccessful Genetically-modified mosquito programme” an application should have  been made to Finance Committee last Friday to provide the necessary funds to purchase the chemical.

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