September 27, 2021


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Well, excuse me for being so confused

Another scary junction and I’m not at all amused,

For the ‘right of way’ we had for years and years

Has been taken away from us all, I fear.

There was too much a hold up leaving Smith Road they say

So they have removed the Crewe Road ‘right of way.’

Going east from the airport can be real nerve racking,

You must signal right and be very careful merging.

Now it’s a big hold up turning off Crew and Smith road junction,

Honestly, I find it’s just another malfunction

With vehicles swinging round our front bumpers so fast and furious

Heavily loaded trucks turning right make me nervous.

And I wasn’t even driving in rush hour traffic

But 8 pm one evening to be more specific

I sat in my car for ages I know

And finally a motorist signalled me to go.

Not one but two motorists stopped to give me a break

Turning right isn’t easy so this chance I did take.

But really and truly I’m at quite a loss

At this restructuring and how much it will cost,

And have you seen the size of those islands separating the lanes?

A roundabout should be somewhere in there to me it seems

But the powers that be says “it wouldn’t make much sense.”

And, “to build a roundabout there wouldn’t make much difference.”

But I know all motorists would proceed with care

If there was a roundabout just there.

The lights on Smith and Bobby Thompson Way are fine

But we can’t afford to have traffic lights all the time!

I know a round-about is planned for Harquail and Godfrey Nixon Way

This will be a great time saver for motorists every day,

But please remember the Island is very short of fill

Don’t build it too big or we’ll all be paying for it until……?

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