May 26, 2022

No penalties,no progress!

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By Joanna Ewart-James, From Freedom United

The Australian Modern Slavery Bill has NO PENALTIES to ensure businesses act to protect workers.  Don’t let big businesses get away with this!

Why is this needed? The UK Modern Slavery Act has no penalties and two years on, less than a fifth of companies meet its requirements.[1]

Fortunately, amendments to Australia’s Bill[2] have been put forward to drive compliance including penalizing companies that don’t act.

Without our action the proposed amendments are at risk.

When the Bill is debated in the Senate these amendments must be supported by Senators so that they are adopted into the text.

We are planning to hand-in the petition and need a loud voice to show Senators that we want a strong modern slavery law that drives corporate action.

Thank you for adding your name. Can you share the petition to help strengthen our voice?

Know someone in Australia? Ask them to contact their Senator by sending them this link:

In solidarity,

Joanna and the Freedom United team

P.S. Want to learn more? Read our submission to the Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act.

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