September 24, 2020

Next phase begins in CINICO satisfaction survey for civil servants and pensioners


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Demonstrating its steadfast commitment to its members, CINICO is pleased to announce the second phase in its planned research programme, the launch of an online survey geared towards gauging the thoughts and opinions of its members who are civil servants, pensioners or statutory body employees. Lonny Tibbetts, CEO of CINICO gives some background to the research that has been undertaken by the civil servants’ insurance provider.

“Earlier this year CINICO engaged Tower Marketing to conduct a series of focus groups among CINICO members in an attempt at assessing members’ satisfaction with the level and quality of the service they were receiving from their insurance provider,” Mr Tibbetts explained. “Now we are able to launch the second phase of our research plan which will give CINICO members the opportunity to complete a more detailed survey.”

Mr Tibbetts says the focus of the online survey is to allow CINICO members the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“We at CINICO anticipate that the responses will provide us with a valuable insight into how we can improve and streamline our organisation to ensure that our members get the best possible service,” he confirmed.

Mr Tibbetts went on to say that the survey was completely confidential and eligible CINICO members must use their member ID on their CarePay swipe cards to access the survey. Neither CINICO, nor Tower Marketing will know who the survey belongs to, as all data collection and analysis is being conducted off-island by Tower Marketing’s independent market research partner.  This research is completely independent of CINICO or any part of the Cayman Islands Civil Service or the Cayman Islands Government.

“We urge every eligible CINICO member to complete the study,” Mr Tibbetts said. “The higher the volume of responses, the more accurate the information. This will eventually lead to a better level of service for all members, which, of course, is our ultimate goal.”

The survey will be distributed via email to all civil servants who can complete it in the office or at home.  In order to give all members the opportunity to take this survey, Tower Marketing will also be setting up a computer kiosk at various government locations from 22 May – 6 June. Staff members will be on hand to assist if there are any questions, as well as pass out paper copies, if needed.  There will also be opportunities at public libraries to complete the survey online using the computer stations available (visit the library information desk for details).

As an added incentive to complete the survey, two free iPads will be given away to the lucky winners drawn from all entrants.

To view the schedule of various locations to complete the survey, visit for more details.

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