November 30, 2021

Newborn Care Guide for the First Time Parents

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Taking care of a newborn can be a challenging task, especially for first-time parents. They have no idea about the sensitive guide necessary for a newborn baby. Moreover, they feel nervous and hesitate before taking any step. You don’t need to worry anymore because our guide can be really beneficial for you in every step including, sleeping, breastfeeding, skincare, bathing.


Newborns sleep a lot. It is seen that newborns usually sleep 14-17 hours a day. During the first year, babies can become the victim of SIDS or other sudden deaths; that’s why you have to follow the safe sleep guide, as it can help your baby sleep comfortably and reduce the chances of sudden deaths.

Sleep guide

  • Never share the bed with your baby while sleeping during the first six months, as it can cause suffocation and can be responsible for the infant’s death. That’s why always lie the baby in a separate crib that should be near to your bed.
  • Don’t overstuff the crib with toys, blankets, and pillows, as they can cause suffocation. Make sure there isn’t anything in the crib except your baby.
  • Baby should always sleep on their back. 
  • Soft and cushiony surfaces are not recommended for babies to sleep. A baby should always sleep on a firm mattress.
  • AAP recommends the use of a pacifier for babies as they help reduce the risk of SIDS.


WHO recommends mothers breastfeed their babies for the first six months due to several benefits. The breastmilk contains antibodies that help the baby fight several bacterias and viruses in the early stage. From the nutritional point of view, breastmilk contains everything that babies need in their early life stages. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and in the good development of the brain.

Breastfeeding guide

  • Women should start breastfeeding within an hour of delivery. If you need any help, you can ask for help from the hospital staff, as they always have a lactation consultant with them.
  • You should know the basics of latching. It will help your baby get full milk and prevent your nipples from getting sore. Make sure, baby’s belly is right up to yours. Also, ensure he is sucking the entire nipple and the good area of the areola. You can tickle their mouth with your nipple, as it helps to encourage the baby to open his mouth wide.
  • You should drink at least eight glasses of liquid and take 2000-2800 calories daily to fill up your milk supply.


Newborn babies’ skin is very wrinkly and contains a protective cover which is known as vernix. Vernix peels off naturally during the first after their birth, so you don’t need to rub it off with your hand or apply creams. There are a few tips to protect your baby’s skin from allergies or rashes.

Skincare guide

  • Don’t give too much bath to the newborn babies, as it can remove natural oil from babies’ skin, making it dry. 2-3 times a week is enough; make sure you are not exceeding this limit.
  • Avoid using scented baby products for newborns, as they can irritate their skin.
  • Never give brand new clothes to your babies without washing them because you have no idea where those clothes came from. Also, you don’t know who has touched those clothes. That’s why dermatologists recommend washing new clothes before your baby wears them.
  • Wash baby’s clothes separate from yours because the detergent we use for our clothes can irritate the baby’s skin. Use a detergent that is dye and fragrance-free to prevent your baby’s skin from irritation.


There are a few points that you should keep in mind while bathing your baby. As mentioned earlier, giving a bath to a newborn baby is enough. You can give a bath at any time of the day, preferably when you feel comfortable, because you have to pay full attention without getting disturbed. In the first few weeks, a sponge bath is recommended.

Bathing Guide

  • First of all, make sure your hands are clean and free of jewelry or ring. 
  • Ensure all the required items are near you, so you don’t have to leave the baby alone while getting the missing item. Required items include a towel, moderate warm water, clean clothes, a clean diaper, and mild baby soap.
  • Test the water temperature first with your finger before using it on your baby.
  • Lay your baby on a flat surface, remove clothes and wrap him in a towel. Expose only that part of the baby which you want to clean.
  • Start with wiping the face. Dip the clean cloth in warm water and clean the entire face of a baby.
  • Now add 1-2 drops of soap into the water, dip the cloth, and clean the entire body with soapy water.
  • Now use clean water again to remove the soapy water. Dip the clean cloth into the water and clean the entire body.
  • Dry off your baby with a dry cloth.
  • Now put on a diaper and clean clothes.


Newborns are fragile and have sensitive skin. You have to be extra conscious while taking care of them. That’s why we tried to point out every single detail that can help you take good care of your baby.

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