October 31, 2020

New technology may help rehabilitation patients with partial paralysis resume walking


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image003New Technology at Tenet’s Delray Medical Center May Help Rehabilitation Patients with Partial Paralysis Resume Walking

Delray Beach, Fla. (December 1, 2015) — Pinecrest Rehabilitation Hospital and Outpatient Therapy at Delray Medical Center acquires a new alternative to help combat foot drop – the inability to raise the front part of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the foot. Foot drop is often a result of damage to the central nervous system from conditions such as stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

The WalkAide® System, which can be used for inpatient and outpatient therapy, is a battery-operated electrical stimulator that is worn around the patient’s leg, just below the knee. It applies low-level electrical currents directly to a motor nerve in the leg, which prompts the muscles to raise the foot at the appropriate time, allowing the patient to walk more normally.

“This new equipment is designed to provide therapists with another tool to help patients return to their highest level of function,” said Mark Bryan, hospital CEO. “It is our goal at Delray Medical Center to continually enhance our services and give our patients the best available options.”

Unlike traditional bracing used to treat foot drop, the WalkAide® System’s highly sophisticated sensor eliminates the need for additional external wiring to insoles. This means that it may be worn barefoot or with flip-flops/slippers, if approved by a healthcare professional. Its compact size also allows it to be worn discreetly under most clothing.

In addition to improving the patient’s gait, medical benefits of WalkAide® may include a decrease in muscle disuse, decreased muscle weakness, increased local blood flow, improved muscle strength and voluntary motor control, increased joint range of motion, and enhanced function of the corticospinal pathways, resulting in improved lower limb control.

To learn more about the WalkAide® rehabilitation technology or to make an appointment please contact the Tenet International Team toll free at 1-855-836-3846 or via email [email protected]

About Tenet Florida International:

With its close proximity and world-class healthcare, south Florida has been a preferred destination for patients from the Caribbean and Latin America seeking healthcare outside of their borders. As one of the largest healthcare networks in south Florida, Tenet Florida hospitals and outpatient centers are swiftly becoming a favored choice for health services by international patients. Tenet Florida comprises nine acute care hospitals with ten sites of service throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

Tenet Florida Hospitals’ specialized centers of excellence include:

2 major trauma hospitals (Level I)
1 pediatric hospital
6 bariatric centers
5 cardiac centers
10 orthopedic hospitals
3 NICU centers – level III (highest certification)
4 oncology centers
10 comprehensive & primary stroke centers
1 pediatric cardiology center
1 pediatric neurosurgery center
1 gamma knife center

Together, the nine hospitals with ten sites of service provide some of the most comprehensive, specialized medical, surgical and outpatient services in a single healthcare network. From the routine to the most challenging cases, Tenet Florida hospitals and outpatient centers have a strong reputation for delivering high quality healthcare and outstanding customer service.

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