November 29, 2020

New stores boost Island Companies’ Swarovski and Pandora sales

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island_companies_grand_cayman_swarovski_feb13By Peter Dowling, Source: ©The Moodie Report

Island Companies Ltd (ICL) has recorded strong sales at its Grand Cayman branded jewellery and crystal stores in 2012, boosted by new boutiques.

In November 2012 ICL reopened a 58sq m Swarovski Crystal Forest concept store in Grand Cayman, replacing the previous 44sq m store. The company rates the opening as a “huge success so far,” drawing cruisers, hotel guests and residents, with sales to date +24% over the previous year.

“We’re delighted to offer our customers the exclusivity of the Swarovski ‘Crystal Forest’ concept store in Grand Cayman,” said CEO Alexandre Tabacoff. “This exclusive partnership and the opening of the new boutique highlight the fact that ICL’s Swarovski store has been the number one sales volume Swarovski store in the Caribbean for four years in a row.

island_companies_ltd_logo“The idea was to give Swarovski greater visibility on the waterfront to maximise sales and drive traffic to the Island Plaza mall, where we have many other stores including Island Jewellers, Island Time, Diamonds Direct, de Sunglass man,, a stand-alone Pandora boutique and a Cuban cigar store.”

ICL has also announced an overall +14% year-on-year sales increase at Pandora, despite a drop in downtown cruise traffic. It opened two exclusive Pandora boutiques in Grand Cayman, one at the Island Plaza and the other at Camana Bay, in 2011.

island_companies_grand_cayman_pandora_feb13“The Pandora store at Camana Bay is essentially dedicated to hotel guests, condo owners and of course, the local community. This store has grown double-digit sales every single month in 2012, confirming Pandora as a destination store and one of the anchor stores at Camana Bay,” said Tabacoff.

“The Pandora store located downtown at the Island Plaza has also achieved positive sales results in 2012, largely due to record cruise customer sales.

“Success in this partnership came through our commitment to opening Pandora boutiques in the best possible locations on the island, paying close attention to inventory levels, reviewing inventory levels on a daily basis and ensuring our stores are always in-stock with the hottest items.”

About Island Companies

Island Companies Ltd is the largest duty-free retailer in the Cayman Islands, with 18 stores across Grand Cayman selling diamonds and jewellery, watches, designer sunglasses, Cuban cigars, treasure coins, crystal and other products. Based in George Town, Grand Cayman, ICL covers all sales with a Gold Star 90-day global return guarantee.

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