September 26, 2020

New Solicitor General Appointed


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Solicitor General Jacqueline Wilson

The Portfolio of Legal Affairs wishes to announce that Ms Jacqueline Wilson has assumed duties as Cayman Islands’ new Solicitor General.

Ms Wilson, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, was selected following an open recruitment process to fill the vacancy created when Ms Cheryll Richards QC, the former Solicitor General was appointed as Cayman’s first Director of Public Prosecutions, an office which is independent of the Portfolio of Legal Affairs.

Ms Richards now has independent responsibility for Public Prosecutions, a role formerly carried out by the Chambers of the Attorney General prior to the 2009 Constitution.

Ms Wilson will be responsible for the day to day management of the Solicitor General’s office which on behalf of the Attorney General deals with all government civil and advisory matters.  She will also be the Portfolio’s Chief Officer under the Public Service Management Law.

Ms Wilson is no stranger to the Cayman Islands legal system having previously worked as an attorney in the Chambers of the Attorney General for 5 years, leaving in 2002 to take up an assignment with the Government of the British Virgin Islands where she was employed for the past ten years.

Both the Deputy Governor and the Attorney General have expressed their pleasure in having Ms Wilson re-join the Cayman Islands government service and stated their confidence in her ability to manage the responsibilities associated with the post. Ms Wilson is happy to be back as part of such a great team. She has pledged to undertake her task with the usual diligence and professionalism.

The Attorney General has also expressed his thanks to Ms Vicki Ellis now a judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court for acting as Solicitor General following Ms Richards’ departure. He has also expressed his appreciation to both Mr Douglas Schofield and Ms Reshma Sharma for also acting for short periods prior to Ms Wilson’s arrival.

Ms. Wilson said, “It is a privilege to return to the Cayman Islands to serve in the position of Solicitor General.  I am deeply grateful for the level of support that I have received from team members in the Portfolio of Legal Affairs and I will make every effort to fulfil the expectations and to effectively discharge the responsibilities of the post.”

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