July 3, 2022

New Principal for Cayman Islands’ Lighthouse School Appointed

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Elroy BryanGrand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Elroy Bryan, currently Deputy Principal at Savannah Primary School (SPS), will take up the post of Principal at the Lighthouse School (LHS) when the new school year begins in September 2016, the Ministry of Education has announced. He was previously a Senior Teacher, Head of the Physical Education Department and the unofficial IT expert at Lighthouse for 14 years.

Bryan has worked at Savannah Primary since 2013, and is one of the driving forces in the use of restorative practices to support the students, an approach which maintains that students and human beings overall, are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their behaviour when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them. As part of the leadership team he also analyses assessment data, reviews staff performance and provides support and guidance for staff to improve standards of achievement.

“We are so pleased that Mr. Bryan has decided to take the position of Principal at the Lighthouse School. He is bringing invaluable experience to the post, much of which he actually gained on the job at LHS. Indeed, he is no stranger to the senior management, staff and even some parents at the school so I am sure he will enjoy a warm welcome back ‘home’, and we anticipate that the transition period will be an easy one for everyone involved,” said Christen Suckoo, Chief Officer in the Ministry of Education. “The Ministry would especially like to thank Ms. Carla MacVicar who officially retired from the Principal’s post in September 2015 but graciously agreed to remain in the role until a replacement was found. Having worked with Mr. Bryan before, I’m sure she will agree that she is leaving LHS in the most capable of hands.”

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead one of the greatest schools in the world,” said Bryan of his appointment. “I have a strong desire to see our students excel in life and I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure that they succeed, as I always strive to go the extra mile to perform my duties with the utmost professionalism. I am a product of our education system and I am motivated to improve the education standards of my beloved Cayman Islands.”

Bryan says working at the second largest primary school on the island has enhanced his leadership skills greatly, and increased his confidence in his own ability to lead change within a school. He has worked closely with the Principal to strategically develop and successfully monitor improvement of teaching and learning standards at SPS. In addition, he has become very proficient in the use of ICT which has helped him to improve several systems within the school and hone his problem solving skills.

“During my 14-year tenure at the Lighthouse School, the students transformed my life and taught me the importance of practicing the motto “yes we can” to achieve our true potential. It was at LHS that I first experienced the joy of watching students reach milestones that they never thought were possible. I am extremely excited about returning to the school in the capacity of Principal where I can continue to lift up this school as the beacon of hope that it has been for so many children and adults alike.”

Bryan is the 2009 Young Caymanian Leadership Award (YCLA) recipient and the 2008 winner of the Golden Apple award for excellence in teaching. He has accompanied the Special Olympics Cayman Islands team to Games on several occasions as the head coach for soccer and track and field, and is currently a part of the selection committee for the YCLA. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and minors in Business and Health from Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee.


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