September 21, 2021

New Partnership to help tackle Climate Change between National Trust for the Cayman Islands and Island Offsets

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29th June 2021 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is now partnering with a new local non- profit organization, Island Offsets, to conserve Cayman’s natural heritage. Both groups are working together to tackle climate change by thinking globally and acting locally. “The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is proud of this milestone. We are delighted to be able to offer our community this unique opportunity and we look forward to the positive impact this joint venture will have locally,” states Olson Anderson, NTCI Chairman. This partnership provides individuals and businesses with the ability to offset their carbon emissions with projects located in the Cayman Islands. The benefits are twofold in that they slow climate change while supporting the protection of precious environmental habitats across the Cayman Islands. “The National Trust has been looking into the partnership for several years and I am excited to see that we have been able to formalize it and create a programme that shows that the Cayman Islands is serious about climate change resiliency and sustainability” states Annick Jackman, NTCI Executive Director.

By offsetting with Island Offsets and the National Trust, those funds have a direct positive local impact while mitigating climate change at the global level. When a business or individual chooses to offset their carbon footprint with Island Offset’s mangrove protection plan, those funds go directly to the NTCI Land Reserve Fund for mangroves. The Land Reserve Fund is then used to purchase areas that would otherwise have been deforested – mangrove ecosystems that provide critical natural habitats vital for the preservation of biodiversity, our islands’ natural beauty, and ecosystem services for local communities like storm protection, rainfall creation and fish nurseries. The mangroves, and the carbon rich soil beneath them, are protected and saved to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it away for generations to come. Mangroves are one of the best ecosystems in the world at carbon storage so protecting our mangroves also has a positive global impact on slowing climate change.

Aureum RE, a Cayman based, privately held reinsurance company, is their first corporate partner and has already offset their 2020 emissions through supporting mangrove protection. “We are proud to partner with Island Offsets and the National Trust of the Cayman Islands to obtain carbon neutrality through the protection and preservation of the Islands’ mangrove ecosystem. We believe that preserving our mangroves is vital for the protection of critical habitats, the environment, and the impacts of climate change.”

Currently, the NTCI has acquired and protects about 3600 acres of land across all three islands, preserving just under 6% of land in the Cayman Islands. Their goal is to reach a target of protecting 11% to get the country to the international target of “30 by 30” – 30% of natural areas protected by 2030. Catherine Childs, the Environmental Programmes Manager for the National Trust, started Island Offsets as an innovative funding mechanism to protect our local mangroves. Catherine explained that “attending international climate meetings opened my eyes to the value that our mangroves hold to the world and it seemed clear that carbon offsets could help us preserve our local natural areas for the benefit of the Cayman Islands, as well as the planet.” To purchase carbon offsets or find out more information, contact Catherine at 749-1124 or [email protected]

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