October 19, 2020

New e-Govt team starts work in Cayman Islands


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E-Government Group = SmallA new gov.ky service portal should be launched by year-end, with enhanced customer services and improved public sector efficiencies being two primary objectives. The new e-Gov Steering Committee (EGSC) first met this month to begin this work.
Led by co-Chairpersons Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Councillor Alva Suckoo MLA, the group commenced work on Thursday, 16 April 2015. The overall goals are to improve the experience of customers, especially by reducing time and costs in the delivery of services. It also seeks to enhance public perception of the civil service, as well as competitiveness with other jurisdictions.
In addition to minimizing or eliminating repetition (such as data-collection and storage), the automation of these processes will streamline workflow in many areas. In turn this will enhance access to Government services, and facilitate complex customer transactions that involve multiple departments or agencies.
Input is invited from external customers and from within the civil service. These suggestions will guide the EGSC’s plans to transform the gov.ky website into a service portal, where customers can easily find the online services offered by all Government entities.
The development and integration phase is expected to start this summer, and will establish the core elements that will be common to all offices offering online services. While the range of applicable elements are generally those that support core functions of government — such as inspections, licencing, payment collections and notifications — they will also include basic functions like user-access and authentication controls. Terms of reference for the committee include reviewing and deciding the feasibility of e-Government business cases submitted by various Government offices; and guiding the allocation of e-services resources and staff.
Additionally the EGSC will approve and oversee the implementation of the e-Government framework, policies and procedures and track the progress of approved initiatives.
The other EGSC members are Director of e-Government Ian Tibbetts, Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose, ICTA Managing Director Alee Fa’Amoe, Deputy Registrar General Donnell Dixon, Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Wil Pineau, Ministry of Home Affairs Deputy Chief Officer Wesley Howell, and the Civil Aviation Authority’s Deputy Director-General Nicoela McCoy.

Credits: Information Officer Lennon Christian

Seated (L-R) are co-Chairpersons Councillor Alva Suckoo MLA and Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, with Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose
Standing (L-R) are Deputy Registrar General Donnell Dixon Deputy Chief Officer Wesley Howell, Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Wil Pineau, Airports Authority Deputy Director-General Nicoela McCoy are, ICTA Managing Director Alee Fa’Amoe, and Director of E-Government Ian Tibbetts.

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