September 26, 2020

New Crosswalk for West Bay Road


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The National Roads Authority (NRA) will start work on a new crosswalk across West Bay Road.

The design and construction of this pedestrian crosswalk, which will be located in front of the Strand shopping centre, follows the 2010 review on ways to improve pedestrian safety on West Bay Road.

West Bay Road carries a high volume of traffic and running through a largely tourist area, there is unfortunately a high potential for traffic accidents. Creating the crosswalk is the first step in attempting to make this stretch of road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike,” noted NRA Transportation Planner Marion Pandohie.

The Esterley Tibbetts Highway’s pending completion; the installation of several more crosswalks on West Bay Road in addition to intersection improvements at Lawrence Boulevard will be used as ways to improve the pedestrian landscape of West Bay Road.

The crosswalk was one of several long- and short-term measures. Other proposals included reducing the speed limit from 40 to 30 mph; providing flashing yellow lights to be activated by pedestrians and enabling them to safely cross the road, and the improvement of overhead lighting for better pedestrian visibility.


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