March 29, 2020

New conference to focus on Cayman Islands’ digital economy


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CyDEC 2018 will bring together global and local experts for Cayman’s first digital economy conference.

The day-long conference will be held June 21, 2018 at The Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa, Grand Cayman, starting at 8:00 am, and will showcase new ideas and applied technological advancements for leaders across the financial, technological, legal and public sector industries.

“The conference is aimed at exhibiting the new technological advances that present opportunities and threats to Cayman’s both private and public sectors,” Paul Byles, event organiser, said.

“Other conferences have touched on this topic before however, this is the first event that is purely focused on the constantly developing world of technology and the direct impact on the economy,” Mr. Byles said.

The conference will feature talks exploring the digitisation of public services and what governments are doing around the world to improve efficiency and value to local communities, and e-Government in the Cayman Islands and how the public sector is being transformed.

Additional talks will delve into the future of financial services and how companies and their consumers are being revolutionised by FinTech and how to determine the low and high risk options, and the outlook for cryptocurrencies and their exchange.

The conference will conclude with a talk on sovereign digital ID systems, the benefits and risk, and how this might look in the Cayman Islands.

“While the speaker line up is still being finalised, we are excited to announce that , Founder, S4i and Member of ISO Standards Board for Blockchain; Paul Ferries, UK Digital Currency Association & Barclays Rise; Arvo Ott, Director of the eGovernance Academy and Ian Tibbetts, Director of the e-Government in the Cayman Islands are four of our featured speakers,” Mr. Byles said.

There will also be two panels discussions investigating e-Government in the Cayman Islands and innovation of the financial services and the associated risks, during which delegates will have an opportunity to interact with panelists on these specific topics.

Current sponsors for CyDEC include , Tower, Ministry of Financial Services & Home Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Planning & Infrastructure, Brac Information Centre, Cayman Tech City, Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport and FTS.

There are remaining sponsorship opportunities available for businesses to support the financial and technological industries, as well as investing in technological change, which we are all experiencing at a mind-blowing pace.

For more information on the conference, sponsorship or to register, visit


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