February 8, 2023

New Cayman Islands police website launches as a platform for greater communication and transparency

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By Jacqueline Carpenter From RCIPS

Today (Tue), 1 May, the RCIPS launched a new website that significantly expands public access to immediate information about public safety, crime news and the RCIPS itself.  The new site, which displays all police press releases publicly for the first time and features an interactive beat map, is a sophisticated platform for a whole new level of information exchange between officers and the community they serve.

“Having a website with the capacity to provide the community with the varied types of information it needs and wants about its police service is critical for modern policing,” said Derek Byrne, Commissioner of Police. “Efficiency and transparency are the hallmarks of an effective 21st. century police service. We are glad to have this quality platform as a foundation for our partnership with the people of the Cayman Islands going forward.”

In particular, the website enables the public to quickly access detailed information about their community beat officers, who are now operating across fourteen beats within the newly reinforced programme of the Community Policing Department.  These officers’ contact information and messages to the community, as well as the borders of the newly-drawn police beats across all three islands, are displayed through an interactive map pinned to Google Maps.

In addition, the new site offers the public communication channels with the police that have not been available online in the past. Namely, these are options to submit a tip confidentially online directly to the RCIPS, and also to provide the RCIPS with general feedback on its service via the website, which can be anonymously submitted if desired.  Even more importantly, contact information for officers and commanders pervades the site, alongside detailed descriptions of the numerous units and wide-ranging duties that fall within the broad remit of the RCIPS.

“We made a point of making ourselves more accessible through this site and making communication with us easier,” said Ms. Jacqueline Carpenter, RCIPS Spokesperson, who was the strategic lead for the website project.  “This improved communication with the community, in all the different forms it can take, is pivotal to our success in strengthening public confidence and fighting crime.”

The website, which was developed through NetClues, a local website and development company, also enables users to complete requests for traffic and police reports online, and to submit applications to become a local constable as part of our ongoing local officer recruitment, which is accepting applications year-round.

The website also features professional photography donated by Taneos Ramsay, a local professional photographer and special constable.

The new RCIPS website can be viewed at www.rcips.ky.

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