May 17, 2021

New case study highlights readiness of the Anguilla and Montserrat fisheries sectors to adapt to climate change

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Port of Spain, July 22, 2019 – A new case study from the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) highlights key findings and priorities for institutional strengthening to improve readiness to adapt to climate change in the fisheries sectors of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories, Anguilla and Montserrat.

The fisheries sectors in Anguilla and Montserrat are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels and sea surface temperatures, more intense storms and ocean acidification.

One key aspect in addressing these impacts is ensuring “institutional readiness” to adapt in the fisheries sectors. Institutional readiness refers to the policies and plans, processes, mechanisms and resources that are in place to facilitate adaptation to climate change.
CANARI assessed institutional readiness for adaptation to climate change in Anguilla’s and Montserrat’s fisheries sectors in 2018 using the World Resources Institute’s Adaptation: Rapid Institutional Analysis (ARIA) toolkit. The toolkit focuses on the ability to deliver five key adaptation functions: 1) assessment of climate change impacts; 2) prioritisation of adaptation actions; 3) coordination of stakeholders and resources; 4) information management; and 5) mainstreaming into development planning.

The assessment involved a comprehensive desk review and consultations with representatives from key agencies responsible for fisheries and marine resources, environmental, climate and disaster risk management, development and finance, as well as fisherfolk and their organisations, to determine how well each of these functions are being carried out in Anguilla and Montserrat.

Priorities for institutional strengthening identified for both Overseas Territories include updating national fisheries management plans and legislation to integrate climate change and disaster

Fig 1. Case study on “Are we ready to adapt to climate change? An institutional assessment of the Anguilla and Montserrat fisheries sectors” concerns, establishing national multi-stakeholder committees for better coordination and resource mobilisation, and improving access to climate information to guide decision-making.
CANARI conducted the institutional readiness assessments in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources – Anguilla and Fisheries and Ocean Governance Unit – Montserrat as part of the Darwin Plus-funded project, Climate change adaptation in the fisheries of Anguilla and Montserrat. These assessments support mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in the fisheries sector for enhanced stewardship of marine resources and livelihood benefits in Anguilla and Montserrat.

To download the case study, visit: Brief_Readiness-to-Adapt-in-Anguilla-Montserrat-Fisheries_June-2019.pdf

About the project: The Climate Change Adaptation in the Fisheries of Anguilla and Montserrat project aims to mainstream climate change adaptation into fisheries governance using an ecosystem approach to fisheries. It is being jointly implemented by CANARI, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources – Anguilla, the Fisheries and Ocean Governance Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Housing, Land and Environment (MATHLE) – Montserrat and the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), University of the West Indies from 2017- 2020. The project is being funded by the Darwin Plus: Overseas Territories Climate and Environment Fund. See here for more information: fisheries-of-anguilla-and-montserrat.

About CANARI: The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) is a regional technical non-profit organisation which has been working in the islands of the Caribbean for 30 years. Our mission is to promote equitable participation and effective collaboration in managing natural resources critical to development. Our programmes focus on capacity building, policy planning and development, research, sharing and dissemination of lessons learned, and fostering regional partnerships. See here for more information on CANARI:

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