November 29, 2020

NEW: 2013 PwC Cayman Men’s Invitational Championships – Contd

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February 2, 2013 12:12:52 AM EST

Well, for the people that were here this evening, I believe you can say that you witnessed the best set in tennis that has been seen in Cayman as far as level, competiveness and respect for their opponents’  game.  The four gents that played in the semi-finals of tonight’s action in the 2013 PwC Cayman Men’s Invitational was superb.  Please try and understand that all of these guys that have participated tonight are making a grind to make enough money to go to the next tournament.  Dennis Zivkovic who is currently 300 in the world, and Philip Bester, who was as high as 220 (last year) in the world are both trying to make it on the Grand Slam tour.  Will the players get the break they need?   Hopefully they will.  They have showed all of you,  that have watched them during the week what great and humble guys they are, and they are just giving a show to all of you.  I hope you all realize how close these players are to making it, with a little of luck, hard work and guts,  they will.  Please appreciate what these guys have done and the lives that they have chosen because they are providing you all entertainment.  And it is not the easiest life!   Stefanno Ianni, the veteran in the PwC, was as high as 300 in the world back in 2007, the love that he has for the game, makes him come back to Cayman for the second year to try for the final.   Unfortunately for him, he lost in the semi-finals for the second year; and lost graciously.  He is another great guy who has tried to break the tape and making it to the next level.  No problem, you will be able to see him again tomorrow in the men’s doubles final.  McCoy Malcolm, making his fourth appearance in the PwC Cayman Men’s Invite, the youngest in the field is still trying to make his next level, which would be the three mentioned above.  The four years we have seen McCoy, we can see that he is maturing year after year and hopefully that will continue.  A little more fitness and hard work will possibly turn corners for the Jamaican youngster, and I hope you all appreciate his mannerism on the court tonight.   “Hat’s off to all of the semi-finalists” they gave you all a great deal of entertainment this evening!

 The first match that started at 5:30 this evening was between the number 1 seed, Dennis Zivkovic and the number 4 seed McCoy Malcolm.  The more experienced, Dennis Zivkovic, defeated the Jamaican, McCoy Malcolm 6-2, 6-1.  A tougher match than the score would tell.  Some big points were the deciding factor in the first set.  Then Dennis rolled in the second set.  Dennis just has played many more big time tournaments than his opponent and finalist of last year’s PwC Cayman Men’s Invite, McCoy Malcolm.  Experience is usually always the deciding factor in everything.

 In the second match, one would say that on paper, the match was going to be memorable, and the second set turned out to be a barn burner!  Philip Bester, the Canadian Davis Cup player and who has held a ranking of 220 in the World was facing a tough Italian and veteran player, Stefanno Ianni, who has also held an ATP ranking of 300 in the world a few years ago.  The first set,  Philip was rolling, but once Stefanno found his game the match became just a bit more exciting.  The second set was a tough tie- breaker to decide the winner, I am sure the fans that attended were hoping for a third set thriller and it was very close to that.  In the end, Philip Bester, the late entry to the tournament, but a good one, edged Stefanno 6-2, 7-6 (8-6) for the victory.  I am sure if Stefanno would of played the tie-breaker the second time he would of played a little more offensive, instead of conservative.  However, that is what separates the difference, sometimes it is just a very small fraction that make one or the other win the match.  A point here or there can create the outcome.

Ladies and gentleman, tomorrow will be the best competitive match that you will see on Grand Cayman to date.  The number one seed versus the number two seed.  It might not be Djokovic or Murray in the Aussie final, but it will still be the best tennis that has been seen in Cayman.  They will both put on a fantastic show tomorrow.  On paper, it could be  absolutely fantastic!  Dennis has been climbing in the rankings  for the last couple of years and as of tonight he is 296.  Philip was as high as 220 in the world just a little more than a year ago, unfortunately, he is coming off some injuries but believes that this is the year that he is going to regain his protective ranking of 220 again because once again he is healthy.  THE MATCH WILL BEGIN AT 4:30 PM TOMORROW, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND AT THE CAYMAN ISLANDS TENNIS CLUB.  Following the PwC singles final will be the doubles final.  Here you will all get to witness the finest double tandem that has been seen in Cayman at an active level.  Dennis and Stefanno have a very high doubles ranking in the world and will be facing the two regional players of Jamaica, the Malcolm brothers that have probably had their best win as a doubles pairing defeating Philip and Thomas last evening to give them the shot for the prize money of $2000 USD for the winner.

So the superb Saturday is set in the 2013 PwC Cayman Men’s Invitational!  Below is the schedule of play!

Men’s Singles Final at 4:30 PM

Dennis Zivkovic versus Philip Bester, the winner will receive $2500 USD and the finalist will receive $1250 USD

Men’s Doubles Final will follow the singles final:

Dennis Zivkovic and Stefanno Ianni versus McCoy Malcolm and Marcus Malcolm for 1st and 2nd   , the winning team will receive $2000 USD and the finalist will receive $1000 USD

Philip Bester and Thomas Neuert versus Eduardo Torres and Mica Koll for 3rd and 4th, this one is just for pride

Awards ceremony following after the matches have been completed.

I would like to take this time to thank PwC, they have sponsored this event for the last seven years and each year they have sponsored,  the tournament has gotten stronger and better.  A great partnership between PwC and tennis in Grand Cayman is putting the Island on the map for sports tourism and tennis.

I would also like to thank Cayman National Bank for their sponsorship efforts for the second year.

Boss Hoggs BBQ, a great way to fill up with some great food and watch some great tennis.

Thanks to DMS for putting the tournament on their round about and advertising for a great sports event in Cayman.

I would also like to thank the members and guests that are able to appreciate what they have seen during the week.  Tonight we finally had over 150 people watching a great event that has been hosted by the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.  To be honest, I am not sure why we have not seen more people during the week,  the event is free to watch, the beer is only $3.50 and you are all getting what you have asked in the past, great tennis players playing at your Club.  I would certainly hope more people come out for the final on Saturday for The 2013 PwC Cayman Men’s Invite.

I would also like to take this time to give just a couple friendly reminders.  We have a great venue in the clubhouse and the bleachers to watch great tennis.  Please keep in mind that the Clubhouse is open and all of your voices do carry a long distance.  Please be respectful to the players tomorrow and remember that they are playing for a living and have a nice low voice when watching great tennis.  I am not saying that you are all loud and disrespectful, I am just saying that what we have is wonderful,  but the noise on court one can get a bit loud for the players, so please just keep it in mind.

Also, parking is available in the East lot and in the Squash Club so please try and deter to park on the road it can be dangerous for some.

Tomorrow we will again have food at the Club for your enjoyment.  David Cross from “Caribos” will be providing some delightful homemade sausages for all of you to enjoy.  And again, for many times, we will always be offering some of the cheapest libations that are found on this Island.

We will see you tomorrow!  Good evening from the Cayman Islands Tennis Club!

Cayman Islands Tennis Club

Rob Seward – Director of Tennis/Club Manager

Adam Bayley – Assistant Tennis Pro

Dale Avery – Assistant Tennis Pro

P.O. Box 1813

Grand Cayman, KY1-1109

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