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National Jump Series 2/2014

Chloe NJS 2 2014From CIEF

‘Excitement Builds in NJS’

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) kicked off 2014 this January with the second leg of its National Jump Series (NJS). Horse/rider combinations making their NJS debuts were Isabelle Smith and Phoebe Serpell on their newly-arrived horses, Edson Arantes MB and Sunday’s Edition.

The event was held at the Equestrian Centre and with plenty of young talent coming through the ranks, the lower height classes were the most hotly contended. In the 0.6m Junior class, visiting riders from Cayman Riding School swept the ribbons in the first 5 spots. Chloe Fowler pipped current leader Jenna Boucher to first place and Boucher was a close second, giving them equal leaders’ points in the league totals so far. Third was Chloe Fowler on Honeycomb, fourth Eva Musprat on Max, fifth Meegan Slattery on Max and sixth place went to Ashley van den Bol of the Equestrian Centre, on her horse Amarilla.

Colette Hannah NJS 2 2014TD3_1615In the 0.6m Adults class Regina Nowak took Leonora through a steady clear round to take first place.

Tracey Surrey of Cayman Riding School said, “It’s great to see the kids from CRS and the Equestrian Centre competing together. Competition encourages better performance across the board and gives kids the invaluable experience of learning how to win as well as learning how to lose. The NJS is a great tool for kids to compete against their peers on a regular basis and gives them something to train for and work towards.  I am really proud of how the kids are rising to the challenge and look forward to even more kids taking part as the sport continues to grow in Cayman.”

As the heights moved up to 0.7m, there were still plenty of entries. Hannah Fowler, current leader of the 0.7m league, took first and second place on Honeycomb and Seligkeit, respectively, each time with a clear round. At 46.44 seconds, Fowler’s round on Honeycomb was the fastest time of the day for the shorter course. Ashley van den Bol also completed a well-executed clear round to take third place on Amarilla. Basil Humphries, a relative newcomer to the NJS, showed promise going clear to take fourth place on Storm with Chloe Fowler on Shirley in fifth and Phoebe Serpell  in sixth, each snagging an unlucky rail on the way round giving them four faults each.

In the 0.7m Adults class, the current leaders, Michelle Boucher and Katrina, went clear to take first place, with Nowak and Leonora picking up two time faults from an otherwise clear round to take second.

Isabelle and Ed NJS2 2014The 0.85m class had a few absentees due to injury leaving Hannah Fowler and Phoebe Serpell to compete for the placings. Fowler and Honeycomb took first place with a clear round and a time of 62.32 seconds. This gave Fowler and Honeycomb the fastest time of the day for the longer course as well. Serpell and Sunday’s Edition also went clear but picked up one time fault placing them second. This left Fowler and Seligkeit in third after they collected four faults in the field and two on the clock. Fowler continues to lead the 0.85m league for the year so far.

In the adults 0.85m class, Michelle Boucher and Katrina were joined by Thea Millward on Durango, who chose to enter the adult class. Both ladies went clear but Millward beat Boucher on time taking first place with Boucher in second.

Eva Max NJS2 2014The higher heights were open classes meaning adults and children could compete together. Isabelle Smith and newly-arrived Ed made their debut in both higher classes, in each case competing against the experienced pair, Polly Serpell and Calidad. In the 0.9m – 1m class Serpell and Calidad were first after a clear round with Smith and Ed taking second after pulling a rail. The tables were turned in the 1m – 1.10m class with Smith and Ed beating Serpell and Calidad to first place and Serpell taking second. Nevertheless, Serpell maintains her league lead in both classes for 2014.

Riders have plenty of time to practice their skills before the third leg of the NJS which will take place on 23rd March, 2014. As seasoned pairings continue to hone their skills and all the new horses settle in with their riders getting time in the saddle, the remaining two NJS competitions for the year promise plenty of excitement and maybe a few surprises. Be sure to join the CIEF for the next leg. Entry is free and all are welcome.


0.6m Junior

1st Chloe Fowler on Shirley Temple

2nd Jenna Boucher on Katrina

3rd Chloe Fowler on Honeycomb

4th Eva Muspratt on Max

5th Meegan Slattery on Max

6th Ashley van den Bol on Amarilla

0.6m Adult

1st Regina Nowak on Leonora

0.7m Junior

1st Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb

2nd Hannah Fowler on Seligkeit

3rd Ashley van den Bol on Amarilla

4th Basil Humphries on Storm

5th Chloe Fowler on Shirley Temple

6th Phoebe Serpell on Sunday’s Edition

0.7m Adult

1st Michelle Boucher on Katrina

2nd Regina Nowak on Leonora

0.85m Junior

1st Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb

2nd Phoebe Serpell on Sunday’s Edition

3rd Hannah Fowler on Seligkeit

0.85 Adult

1st Thea Millward on Durango

2nd Michelle Boucher on Katrina

0.9m – 1m Open

1st Polly Serpell on Calidad

2nd Isabelle Smith on Edson Arantes MB

1m to 1.1m Open

1st Isabelle Smith on Edson Arantes MB

2nd Polly Serpell on Calidad


Isabelle Smith and Ed

Hannah Fowler and Seligkeit

Eva Muspratt and Max

Chloe Fowler and Shirley Temple

Regina Nowak and Leonora

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