April 7, 2020

Moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida


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It’s no big news that every relocation is unique with its own requirements and challenges to meet. However, the mere preparation for the process always includes similar steps. If you have ever moved in your life, you have probably realized so far that relocation is much more than simply packing and setting off to the new location. Thus, if you are moving to the from Florida any time soon, we are offering our helping hand. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to handle moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida smoothly, stress and problem-free.

Things to know before moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida

Choosing your new home location randomly isn’t really a smart thing to do. Instead, invest some time in exploring your final destination so as to know what to expect. Thus, no unpleasant surprises are possible and you will need considerably less time to adjust to the new surrounding. To help you on this matter, here are the things you need to know before moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida. Once you study them properly, you can start a detailed search to find affordable services for your long distance move.

Figure There are some important facts you need to know before moving to the Cayman Islands.

You will enjoy the weather immensely

If you like abundant sunshine, even more than in Florida, the Cayman Islands are the right place for you. Here, you can enjoy the sun throughout the year. It can get windy from November to April, though, but it isn’t an inconvenience too serious. Even winters are mild and slightly rainy. In addition, pollution levels are very low, which is yet another advantage.

You will live among the friendliest people in the world

Believe it or not, the Caymanians are said to be the most sociable people in the world. Thus, if you feel nervous about making new friends, there is no reason to be. Here, integrating with people is sheer pleasure. Indeed, feeling welcome in your new neighborhood is a considerable help in the initial period of your life on a new address.

You will have countless options for exciting to-do things

Whether you want to relax or get active, moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida will provide you with a wide range of activities. All you need to do is choose what suits your interests or even your current mood. It is as simple as that.

Figure There are countless options for exciting to-do things on the Cayman Islands.

You will save a considerable amount of money on taxes

The Cayman Islands definitely deserve the reputation of the financial haven. Moving here means not having to pay income taxes unless you earn profit somewhere else outside the islands. In that case, paying taxes on worldwide income is mandatory.

Circumstances for investing in real estate are very favorable

As a foreigner on the Cayman Islands, you have no restrictions on ownership of property here. The good news is that if you want to buy a house, business space or land here, the procedures to bring this process to the end are quite simple. In other words, there will be less bureaucracy to deal with. Another advantage of investing in real estate on the Islands is that the demand for property rentals is very high. By becoming a landlord, you will get very good returns from your investment.

Healthcare proves that the Cayman Islands aren’t flawless

Sadly but completely true, the Cayman Islands aren’t flawless. Healthcare is a serious disadvantage when you live here. Actually, there is no social healthcare on the island. Furthermore, the number of on-island hospitals is so scarce that, most often, patients have to be transported somewhere else. Finally, due to the given circumstances, medical treatments get very pricey at times. On the other hand, as a newcomer, you are legally obliged to have minimal local coverage. Otherwise, you risk having problems with the immigration department.

Finding a job before moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida

Even though there are numerous career opportunities, finding a job on the Cayman Islands is far from easy. A good starting point is visiting reputable sites which provide information on posts available. However, you need to be very lucky to get a job this way. The most convenient option is to hire the services of a respectable recruitment company situated on the islands. Then, the staff can help you reach your goal as soon as possible. Generally, investing in tourism or finding a job in the field is an intelligent decision. Also, if you are a professional in finance, law, corporate services and accounts, starting a career here might be easier. On the other hand, if you opt for the teaching profession, your financial means won’t suffice for a luxurious lifestyle.

Finding a place to live before moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida

Contrary to the general belief, finding a place to live here is nothing but adventure and joy. This is simply because of the beauties of the area and numerous wonderful places one would like to call home. Understandably, choosing the right neighborhood will depend on your budget, preferences, and needs. You can choose from the utmost luxury to something at a reasonable price and yet satisfying. Some of the most popular include , South Sound, Rum Point, and .

Figure Finding a place to live on the Cayman Islands is nothing but adventure and joy.

Finding reputable movers when moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida

It is a fact that a dependable and trustworthy moving company is of vital importance for a successful relocation. Thus, when moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida, be thorough in your search for long distance movers who can provide you with high-quality moving services. A good example of the company you need and deserve is Orange Movers Miami, which has helped countless clients with this matter successfully. Professionalism, experience, knowledge, and efficiency are key qualities you need to look for. Unsurprisingly, finances play an important role in the final choice as well.

The Cayman Islands – your new homeland!

It will take a considerable amount of time after moving to the Cayman Islands from Florida to get permanent residency and make these breathtaking islands your new homeland. Unfortunately, the mandatory paperwork is complicated and takes a lot of time. In addition, most likely it will be a very expensive procedure. As a result, it is advisable to hire a professional immigration agent. This is the person who can lead you through the whole process carefully. Hopefully, permanent residency will be at the end of this exhausting and lengthy journey.

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