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More questions than answers

Not until the last cheque is written by corporate America to all the special interest groups with their insane politics, and hang them on a museum wall next to all those wax figures of career politicians and lobbyists, with a explanation of who these people once were, will America be truly free.

What was the deficit/bail out theatre show really about? Now the curtain has closed I wonder what the next production will be? “All Our Savings Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”?

What does the tea party really stand for? Tea potty?

Why are wars continuing when there were no terrorists until the USA occupied these countries? Oil?

Why does the status quo want the US military to kill radical Islamists and not do it themselves? They might be hurt?

Will the working poor and middle class finally win and send all the criminals to real prisons? Never?

When will all law abiding citizens feel safe, finally see the truth what is going on around them and demand what is being stolen be returned? Can you guess the answer? It’s on a broken record.



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