December 3, 2021

More Kiwi investors come forward fearing life-savings lost in suspected global scam

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By Kurt Bayer From New Zealand Herald
More New Zealand investors have come forward fearing they have been caught up in suspected global investment scam.

The Herald reported earlier this month that authorities are looking into the apparently sophisticated ruse that has allegedly duped Kiwis out of their life savings.

Manfred Bredl, 63, plunged $525,000 into what he thought was a ground-breaking carbon emissions scheme, reportedly backed by the Mexican government.

But Bredl believed he, and three other New Zealanders that he knew of, had been duped by individuals behind two dummy companies – FM Wealth Management Ltd, purportedly based in the Cayman Islands, and private share company Eco-Plant Corporation.

Since the Herald reported his case on June 19, others have spoken out about dealings with the charismatic, smooth-talking operators behind what’s alleged to be a sophisticated con.

One Kiwi investor claims FM Wealth Management conned about $85,000 out of him during 12 months of interactions with the “brilliant, highly- knowledgeable” and “smooth, confident talker” man known only as “Bruce Matthews”.

Paul Mackenzie avoided the suspected trap, wary of get-rich schemes.

He said FM Wealth Management approached him recently about a new company merger to release a medicinal marijuana product.

A British-sounding man “hounded” him for weeks, Mackenzie said, with promises to send out portfolios.

While Mackenzie thought their websites checked out, he blew them off saying he wasn’t interested in quick rich schemes “as I am aware of the many pitfalls”.

IMAGE: Screenshot Manfred Bredl poured $525,000 into what was believed to be a sophisticated global investment scam. He warns others against being taken in.
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