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Montserrat: New music networking app Bodio launched

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 — Montserrat, Montserratian mobile app company Bodio Inc. has launched a mobile application to serve the entertainment and hospitality industries.  This app allows musicians to interact, collaborate, increase their exposure, and aims to simplify the booking process.  

The free beta version of the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms worldwide for direct download from the website

The live music scene in the Caribbean has typically been dependent on referrals through friends and relatives says founder, Linda Dias, who is also the Chief Architect for the Government of Montserrat.  

“Event promoters, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and bar owners can scout and hire talent from within the database of performers’ work on Bodio. 

“Music lovers and venue patrons can then follow their favourite artists and venues to learn what’s scheduled, and who’s performing” said Ms. Dias.

The app’s BoDirectory provides a registry of bands, musicians, DJ’s lyricists, producers, event promoters and venues to make it easy for talent bookings.  

The app contains Bodio Connect, a social networking medium for musicians to create professional relationships, exchange ideas with others in the entertainment and hospitality industries, and market themselves.  

Additionally, users can browse through Bodio News, a one-stop-shop for global updates in the entertainment world.

Dias, who won Montserrat’s 2018 i2L Pitch, is currently part of the Caribbean Development Bank’s first cohort of the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Programme (CTEP).  

“This programme provides excellent support to work through the various stages of building Bodio” said Ms. Dias.

“We’ve launched this beta version to gain feedback from users so that we can improve the application.  

“Our objective is to ensure that what we put out is really what users want and need.

“Ultimately we’ll move forward with a product that everyone finds useful.  After the feedback period, we’ll use the data to update the platform and upload it use in the App Store and Google Play.” said Ms. Dias.

Bodio: A mobile networking app for musicians, venue operators, and event promoters to increase their exposure and assist in marketing to music lovers.

Download Bodio at


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