September 24, 2020

Editorial: Month of the Older Person


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Ageing is a -spanning process of growth and development from birth to death.

Old age is an integral part of the whole, bringing fulfillment and self-actualization.

I regard aging as a triumph, a result of strength and survivorship.


They say you’re old at forty, and over the hill

But I disagree with this saying and I know you will

‘Cause seventy and eighty year olds are very active today

And serve our community in so many ways.


Mind you, a lot of folks don’t appreciate being called ‘old’older-man-woman

They’re very active and too busy to think of it I’m told

Like our – try – but we can’t slow her down

There’s not a more involved person around.


And she’s no where up that hill they speak about

Over the hill? No way my friends, I have my doubt

Serving Elmslie church, and the

A stronger lady was never made.


Then there’s Miss Elizabeth another marvellous lady

You’ll note I didn’t say ‘old’ she’s always so ready

To lend a hand in any way or anywhere

Answering a telephone or pushing a trolley somewhere.


Annie Huldah of blessed memory

Taught herself law and became an attorney

Strong in her opinion she didn’t mince her words

A good Christian lady but always ready to draw swords.


And so many others have gone on before us

Well learned citizens who won Cayman’s trust

Teachers and preachers they were so dedicated

Determined that we should be educated.


And educate us they did to the highest of grades

From whence came Cayman’s finest trades

Thanks to Elmslie, Hill, Goring, Hunter, Hicks and Gray

Ricketts. Connor, Hylton, Merren, Ebanks – I could go on all day.


I won’t mention the teacher though who gave us lines to write

For talking too much I’ll teach you right

“Well (bread) children are obedient in school

One hundred times you’ll write and don’t play the fool.”


Well, we giggled and whispered amongst each other

That ‘bread’ word was wrong but why should we bother –

She was the teacher and there to teach a lesson

And we did as we were told what other reason.


We ‘over forties’ today have to be thankful

For all those persons mentioned above

They became our friends, they taught us everything

Their names forever in history we’ll sing.


I leave you with a few very serious down to earth quotes:


‘Wish not to live long as to live well.’

‘One should never count the years – instead count one’s interest.’


‘Old age is not a hindrance to men chasing women – they just have trouble remembering why they’re chasing them.’


‘In our youth the days are short and the years long – in old age the years are short and the days are long.’


‘What is really important is not the years in your life but the life in your years.’


The old believe everything. The middle aged suspect everything and the young think they know everything!’




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