October 1, 2020

Mobile voting for OMOV on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac


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Mobile voting commenced on Little Cayman on Friday 6th July and continues this week on Cayman Brac, North Side, East End, Bodden Town, George Town and West Bay.  A total of 344 applications have been received.  All voters who have applied to vote by this method are encouraged to take note of the date that polling will be conducted in their respective district.

All establishments licensed under the Liquor Licensing Law are forbidden from selling, offering for sale or giving away intoxicating liquor between the opening of the polls at 7:00 A.M. on the 18th July and one hour after the polls close at 6:00 P.M.  Contravention of this section of the Elections Law carries a fine of $500.00 or imprisonment for six months.

The Elections Office also wishes to remind the public that as with general elections all referendum advertisements must cease at midnight on July 17th and all banners, buntings, and ensigns must be removed from the public domain by that deadline as well.  The use of loudspeakers and the wearing of T-shirts, pins or other paraphernalia is also forbidden on polling day supporting either a yes or not vote.  This also applies to motor vehicles.

Employers should also be mindful of the Law, which allows for them to allow every voter in their employ a reasonable period to attend a polling station to vote.  Failing to comply carries a penalty of $500.00 or a term of imprisonment of 6 months.  The public should also be aware of the other offences contained in the Elections Law, which also apply for this referendum.  These include but are not limited to bribery, treating and undue influence.  The Police and Elections Office will be monitoring this closely and anyone who has knowledge of any such alleged infraction should contact either the Police, Elections Office or the Returning Officer for the district in which the alleged infraction has occurred.  The polls will open promptly at 7:00 A.M. on Wednesday 18th July in all districts.  There are a total of 39 polling stations situated in these districts to accommodate all registered voters who have not voted by postal ballot or mobile polling.  Voting is a simple process and polling teams have been trained to poll expeditiously.  All registered voters are urged to exercise their franchise to vote on this matter of national importance and with it being a public holiday there really is no excuse not to attend the polls.

Voters in West Bay are reminded that there have been changes to polling venues at 3 locations in that district.  For those who previously voted at the Church of Christ the substitute venue will be an air conditioned tent across from Republics (Foster’s Food Fair).  For those who previously voted at the New Testament Church of God, voting will now take place at the Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church and for those who previously voted at the John Gray United Church, voting will take place at the air conditioned tent situated on North West Point Road.

Polling and counting information will be made available to the media throughout the day and as the count proceeds during the night.  The Elections Office’s website www.electionsoffice.ky will also be providing this information as it becomes available.  The count will be conducted in each district and the final result will be announced by the Supervisor of Elections.


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