May 26, 2022

Mission Impossible 5 Shooting Possibly Continues with Cayman Islands Stunts?

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Mission-Impossible-5By Kazem Sedighzadeh From Master Herald

There have been various sightings of Tom Cruise and the rest of the “Mission Impossible 5” crew during the shooting of the new film, and usually reports indicated that Cruise was performing yet another daring stunt. Most recently, the star was seen at the Cayman Islands, and according to sources, he was participating in a scuba diving course. It’s not clear if this was directly related to the film or not, as the rest of the crew was apparently not anywhere in the vicinity.

However, sources indicate that the course was indeed part of the actor’s preparations for a scene that he’s about to shoot. This would also make sense from another point of view – there isn’t that much time left on the film’s production, so it’s not likely that Tom Cruise was taking a vacation and taking part in the scuba diving course for leisure.

It would be curious to see some extra underwater action in “Mission Impossible 5”, and if Tom Cruise needs extra special preparations for those scenes, this could indicate something truly interesting. Of course, the actor could always use a stunt double for the more dangerous parts of the shooting, but it’s already well-known that Tom Cruise is a fan of doing his own stunts, and doesn’t take kindly to the idea of resorting to stunt doubles – unless it’s really necessary and unavoidable.

The film’s crew has already been spotted at various locations around the world, but if there are still any underwater scenes left to film, we may get additional reports of that type. Alternatively, the underwater scenes could be structured in a different way, and filmed entirely indoors in a private studio, in which case the public will just have to wait until the film has been released to see Tom Cruise in action underwater.

Mission Impossible 5

One thing is clear though – with stunts going from high up in the air to deep underwater, “Mission Impossible 5” is shaping up to be an explosive, intensive production that should definitely please fans of the franchise who have been looking for even more of the same. On the other hand, rumors indicate that the producers are really trying hard to spice things up and introduce some new elements into the mix, so the film shouldn’t feel too stale. And thanks to the fact that Tom Cruise is doing his own stunts, the action scenes in the new film are going to be just as genuine and realistic-looking as in every installment in the series before that. It’s one of the defining characteristics of “Mission Impossible”, and part of the reason the films have been so successful with fans of true action films across the globe.

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