November 26, 2020

Minutes of the Cayman Islands DG and CO’s Meeting

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Franz-MandersonDeputy Governor and Chief Officers’  Meeting

14th January 2013

Attendees:-  Deputy Governor; Dr. Dax Basdeo; Mrs. Gloria McField-Nixon; Mrs. Sonia McLaughlin; Mr. Kevin McCormac; Mr. Stran Bodden; Ms. Jennifer Ahearn; Ms. Dorine Whittaker; Mr. Christen Suckoo; Ms. Jacqueline Wilson; Mrs. Leyda Nicholson-Makasare; Mr. Kenneth Jefferson

Apologies: –Mr. Leonard Dilbert; Ms. Cheryl Richards; Mr. Orrett Connor; Mr. Eric Bush; Mrs. Mary Rodrigues; Mr. Alan Jones

1.   Welcome

The Deputy Governor welcomed everyone and prayer was offered.

2.   Presentation by the Constitutional Commission

The Constitutional Commission gave a brief presentation on the following:

. “You and Your Government” publication

. Communication between Chief Officers and the Constitutional Commission

. Roles and responsibilities of the Constitutional Commission

3.   Discussion in Regards to Recent Changes within Government

The Deputy Governor advised that following recent changes within Cabinet, some subjects had been reassigned to new Ministers. As a result of the changes in the Organisational Chart, some staff had to be re-accommodated in other offices. However, the adjustments were all very minor and no staff had been displaced as a result. He advised that he had received positive feedback from Ministers and staff in respect to how these movements had been facilitated.

4.   Budget Delivery Committee Update

A brief update on the workings of the Budget Delivery Committee was provided.

5.   Social Committee for the Civil Service

The formation of a Social Committee for the Civil Service was discussed. The Deputy Governor advised that he was of the view that social activities would build a more cohesive Civil Service. Further discussion will be had including consultation with the CICSA. It was agreed that public funds would not be used by the Social Committee.

6.   Any Other Business

. A proposal was made to allow gym memberships to be funded by way of monthly salary deductions.  It was agreed that more could be done to encourage a healthy workforce and that the proposal would be explored. Additionally, the Deputy Governor stated that he would shortly be issuing a challenge to Civil Servants to take part in the half marathon in December 2013. He added that he would be expecting at least 50 Civil Servants to join him in the marathon.

. PoCS and the HSA will be conducting mini health checks on the 18th January in the GAB. Further details will be circulated via email.

. The PoCS will also be planning sessions on retirement planning. Details to follow.

. Stride Against Cancer will be held on 27th January, 2013.

. It was suggested that another way to boost togetherness and morale was to form departmental choirs and have competitions within the Service.

. The Governor’s Office has identified unused funds in their Jubilee Fund, which is a fund established by the FCO. Chief Officers have been invited to put forward a grant proposal for how these funds might be utilised.

. CO Basdeo has been publishing the minutes of his meetings with Senior Management for all members of staff. The Deputy Governor encouraged all Chief Officers to consider this practice, in an effort to promote transparency and good communication.

. Cabinet will hold its 15 January meeting in Cayman Brac.

.Performance agreements – there is now 96% compliance. The PoCS will provide training to Managers and HR professionals on 22 January. Further information to follow via email.

. The Deputy Governor reminded Chief Officers of the rules surrounding the employment of Consultants, in particular the need to ensure that someone working as a Consultant possesses the relevant license to do so.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

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