September 21, 2020

Ministry of Education launches new writing guidance for Key Stage 1


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Guidance on Effective Writing Instruction Key Stage 1 - Cover ImageIn September of 2014, the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Department of Education Services (DES), launched a new writing guidance document entitled Guidance on Effective Writing Instruction: KS1. The guidance has been developed to act as a professional learning tool that provides support for teachers’ planning and practice. The document explores the essential components necessary for the development of an effective early years writing program that will set the foundation for future student achievement. The guide aims to provide practical approaches and resources that supplement the learning objectives and pedagogy rooted in the 2008 Cayman Islands English National Curriculum.

The guidance includes a number of key sections ranging from Programs of Study that expand upon the national curriculum, to quality standards-based assessment, to a range of education possibilities that teachers can draw upon to support their practice. As a whole, the guidance document provides a comprehensive package that teachers can use to inform their teaching and creates consistency in writing instruction across all government primary school Key Stage 1 classes (Years 1-3).

The guidance document was officially introduced to schools in August of 2014. The literacy team held professional development sessions in each of the schools to introduce the various aspects of the document; however, many teachers were part of the development of the document beginning in November of 2013.

Continual support for schools will be offered through each school’s Literacy Coach, who works alongside teachers to embed the best practices and objectives that are outlined in the guidance document. The Literacy Coaches provide model lessons, assist with planning, and provide ongoing professional development and are a key resource to improving teaching and learning across the system. Resources have also been purchased by DES and provided to all schools to help with guidance implementation.

Presently, the Literacy Team is completing writing guidance for Key Stage 2 (Years 4-6), which will be launched in the next few months, and the team has already begun to work on reading guidance, which will be launched in 2015. Ultimately, the Guidance on Effective Writing Instruction: KS1 is an important action that has removed obstacles and better equips teachers with the tools they need to teach our children.

If members of the public and parents wish to read the guidance document, it can be located on under the “Education” tab.

Guidance on Effective Writing Instruction Key Stage 1 - Cover Image

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