July 1, 2022

Migrants recount horrific experiences in Libya

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“Miriam Karmali, Freedom United”

May 8, 2022 News Digest
Success! U.K. takes action against forced organ harvesting 
The U.K. has passed new legislation that will prevent British nationals from traveling abroad to receive an organ transplant. Over 31,000 of you in the Freedom United community have been calling on the U.K. and all governments to take action against organ transplant ‘tourism’ to help end organ trafficking and prevent people from being unwittingly complicit in organ trafficking. Read more…
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The scars of Libya: survivors speak of torture and trafficking
Reflecting on their experiences of crossing through Libya, migrants on the move share devastating accounts of extreme abuse, torture and trafficking. One 25-year old Eritrean refugee, John, said “I was tied up, beaten, electrocuted”. Freedom United is urgently calling on the E.U. to end its complicity in perpetuating trafficking and other egregious human rights abuses in Libya. Read more… 
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Forced Labour

FIFA claims workers gain “dignity and pride”, ignoring harsh conditions
This week FIFA president Gianni Infantino has come under fire for comments on migrant workers in Qatar, demonstrating a lack of understanding of the realities facing low-paid migrant workers involved in large World Cup construction projects. Though Qatar has taken steps to dismantle the abusive kafala system, weak enforcement means that many workers are still experiencing exploitation and abuse. Read more… 
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Wednesday May 11: 
Cambodia’s trafficked brides: The escalating phenomenon of forced marriage 

Thursday May 12: 
Do no harm: Understanding intersectional experiences in human trafficking (Part 2)
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